Cell Meet PC. PC Meet Power.

We all know that one particular substance to the core PlayStation 3 experience is the cell processor and all the bountiful SPE’s that come with it. As for the PC’s, well they have their own little tricks up their sleeves. PCI-E cards, main CPU’s, crazy pipe shaders. Now what else do they have? Cell. Thankfully from Toshiba, the SpursEngine SE1000 stream processor has begun being sampled and sent to potential customers. Based around the PlayStation 3’s CPU, Cell Broadband Engine, SE1000 features four Synergistic Processing Element (SPE) cores and is basically a co-processor that integrates a hardware codec for Full HD encoding and decoding of MPEG-2 and H.264 streams. Sure! Half the amount of the PS3 SPE cores (even though one of these is technically unusable), but not bad either way. The PC and the Cell are mingling, and things might get a bit naughty.

What potential can this unison between the Cell and the PC power form? Let’s take a look see. That’s it. PC owners can potentially help cure cancer as this would allow applications like Folding@Home, chugging at the pace of a turtle with work unit points behind the PS3, to be more optimized for the PC and really kick through the PC WU standings. Another great example that Cell can aid with includes everything from the hotly innovative ray tracing tech and power efficiency, to geometry shaders for that one schoolgirl Japanese game you bought. When you got drunk off your ass, and your neighbor Todd thought it would be a good idea to hit golf balls on a street full of houses afterwards. Thanks a lot for nothing Cell. Couldn’t help me on that with all your power could you?

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