CES 2011: In Technological Corollary

CES 2011 is spectacular, with new reclamations from companies such as Intel, our close friends at AMD, EVGA, Antec, Diamond, Crucial, Kingston, Microsoft, Verizon, Samsung, Cooler Master, GIGABYTE, Cisco and an avalanche of approaching more. To outline some of the most notable features, highlights are deemed necessary more than anything for those enthusiasts that want the neat and gritty on each company. EVGA is of course displaying newer cards, along with behind closed doors reveals for their upcoming GPU platform. Microsoft is caught up in all the KINECT madness, while mobility users can look forward to a Windows Mobile 7 interface platform that makes use of an android-like subsystem.  Verizon is displaying some new phones in the works from HTC along with Samsung contracted phones, but most of these are being saved for the big European phone tours. Crucial displayed new clock core frequency timings for their latest line of DDR3 releases to extend their offerings into the 2100 MHz mark and beyond. CISCO has tremendous Wireless-N routers for sale in 2011, and Cooler Master dazzles fans everywhere with unforgettable case and fan innovations that are a must-have this new year. CES has been fun thus far, even with small video game demo reveals of golden release candidate of DC Universe and Capcom Entertainment’s party along with the behind-closed-doors preview into the aeronautic depths of BioShock: Infinite. CES 2011 is ending in two days, but in the meantime when the show exposition is closed, we will be close by at the poker tables with experts such as Phil Ivey and more getting our talk on.

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