Civilization V: Brave New World – Civilization IV Puts This Broken Multiplayer World To Shame

Civilization V: Brave New World Expansion pack is not worth your money. Rather it is the equivalent of flushing your money down a toilet and tossing in lighter fluid with a candle-lit emulsion. Firaxis has made significant upgrades to the combat mechanics and beautifully welcomed additions to Civilization V’s diplomacy and victory options, however, they have completely forgotten a large portion of one type of game mode: multiplayer.

Civilization V: Brave New World adds quite a few things to the single-player.  The culture system has been upgraded, the diplomacy enhanced, new units sprinkled in, and 9 brand new civilizations added for a sizeable portion of depth. Tourism, Public Opinion, and Ideologies are very much welcomed but all of this still pale in comparison to one glaring problem: the broken multiplayer. Firaxis and 2K Games have largely put blindfolds over themselves in regard to actually fixing long-standing issues for multiplayer.  Instead, they added a Hybrid Turn mode (simultaneous turns), and an observer mode which is equally as useless in the long-run.

Around Firaxis fan forums, there is a serious complaint about multiplayer, something which we fully support. The immersion with Civilization V multiplayer has been stripped. While this was apparent beginning in 2010, most expected this to be fixed with the first expansion but definitely with the second. Unfortunately, nothing has been fixed in regards to the stripped multiplayer. Artificial Intelligence in multiplayer has been dumbed down, while diplomacy notifications have been disabled. Missing a good portion of the immersion, long-standing Civilization fans are disappointed to see there is no AI diplomacy leaderheads in Civilization V like the single-player and barely anything of immersion. There are no leaderheads, no deal initiations with human players, no malicious or witty commentaries, no troop withdrawal requests, no threats in general. Players are rather forced to play the mediocrity that is Civlization V: Brave New World where the AI has been completely obliterated in terms of an immersive reality. This is all further denigrated by lack of human player diplomacy at an all-time low. Simultaneous Turns since Vanilla Civilization V has made the game lackluster. While an option to enable/disable Simultaneous Turns was to be expected, Firaxis failed to deliver on this. Civilization V has effectively went from turn-based strategy to a real-time strategy which sacrifices quality in games with a save function, to whoever can move their units the fastest and exploit the Turn Timer.  This Civilization V multiplayer is not worth your money or time.

Civilization IV easily puts shame to Civilization V’s multiplayer.  We are not sure why Firaxis has made so many small errors that amount to something huge at the end of it, but unless you solely play single-player, Civilization V: Brave New World is not even worth a $7.99 MSRP similar to Civilization V: Gods and Kings. Firaxis needs to start actually addressing the overall compounded series of issues which matter, rather than focusing on unbalanced gameplay changes between single-player and multiplayer mediocrity (mediocrity being the kind word for it). For anyone that strives for a good value, they will find none in the tyranny of Civilization V: Brave New World.

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