Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W PSU Review – Pure Gold Rush

Cooler Master releases another powerhouse PSU offering a whopping 1200W for hardcore gaming and technology enthusiasts around the world. After our numerous tests at the wheel behind this melodious creation, one thing is clear: the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W, part of the Silent Pro Gold Series matching the 80Plus efficiency standards, satiates a hunger that a quad-SLI/Crossfire X setup can accomplish.

The appearance is simply beautiful of this power supply unit, featuring a black engraving of ‘Silent’ and accentuating the colors of the golden element it represents. The outside is woven with black stripes on top and bottom, white being very easy to look at through the contrast of the colors. Cooler Master could have easily went with a black box, and a white ‘Silent’ with a golden ‘Gold,’ but there is complexity to the outside itself. The actual power supply unit is a sleek black, actually imitating the idea we recommended for the outside box, an even more brilliant concept in all actuality. 1200W is etched on the left side, while the 135mm Ultra Fan is pure gold tinted. The outside and appearances are simply of extraordinary value, something while leaves more hope to the actual innards and working of a power supply unit.

Opening power supply units is one thing WhatIfGaming loves to do in order to see a key ingredient to any successful PC component: build. Build at some point is essentially judging a book by its cover, but a cover such as this uses the same sort of images and assets as other covers where build actually makes sense in terms of the eminence of PC components used. The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W reveals Japanese-made capacitors in the shapes of L’s, one of the most manufacturer recognized sort of cooling method derived to give maximum heat output through the fan. Hybrid Transformer, another patented technology, is one of the most interesting things the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W only does in this industry: it throws Farady’s law of Statvolts out the door in how one transformer puts out certain statvolts without cooling making any difference in winding turns of amplitude waves. The transformer, the core item in any power supply, itself includes a heatsink for good measure and all these combined leading us to very low and confirmed temperatures of idle at a bare 32 degrees C and torture load of 1150W  at a mere 43.5 degrees C.

The brilliance of the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W shines through the multiple tests to display to professional gamers and technology enthusiasts that this power supply works under enormous pressure, notably torture and real world. For the torture test, The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W worked beautifully well, outputting with 50% load at more than 92% efficiency and finally at 89% efficiency at 100% 1200W load. Interestingly enough, this power supply delivered next to 1380W when pushed to the extreme, something way beyond its actual specification when tested at load beyond the excess. The quality of the hybrid transformer clearly shines throughout the examination and the best part of all was the actual real world testing followed suit, showing exactly what the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W can do.

The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W is simply one of the best 1200W we had the pleasure to test that remained at very cool temperatures and laughed at the most extreme Intel i7-980X system with Quad-SLI we could throw at it. The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W far exceeded expectations through the tests, remained silent as a key ingredient, and simply measured itself easily into a powerhouse power supply unit that is definitely worth the purchase not just in the real world, but also a consumer’s mind.

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