Coolermaster V8 Review: Power

As anyone who would read our reviews knows, we love plain and simple for the simple fact that beautiful things at most times come in very simple ways. “Experience the power of V8” is a daring phrase that Coolermaster takes to use in their new cooler, but it’s one that pays off. With a great cooling capacity for the CPU and reliability with support strength, the Coolermaster V8 is a cooler to be reckoned with in a sea where CPU heatsinks are far from few. While support is a great factor of reliability, the mount solutions prove troublesome at times where it requires the end-user to practically remove the entire motherboard for maintenance purposes. Thankfully with efficiency, maintenance is not needed in such a top-tier level.

Packaging & Accessories

The packaging does not clutter and simply focuses on the actual functions of the unit: to cool. “Experience the power of V8” reminds anyone of a revved up engine that is there to do a powerful job. Above the slogan, you are also going to see that the cooler is rated to cool 180W, more than enough for your overclocked CPU! When you take a look at the back of the cooler you will find all of the specifications for the Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler, along with the main features Cooler Master wants you to know about. Not much more can be said of the package other than there is no marketing gimmick here.

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