Crucial DDR3 PC3-8500 4GB Kit Review: Exceeding Limits

Stability & Overclocking

The way we do memory is very different, and might shock and amuse everyone at the same time. Rather than keeping all the stability and overclocking exams for later, we’re going to do them now so that we have results directly from real-world situations that apply to memory, stressing the significance of the effect. For this reason, we usually don’t benchmark on overclocked settings with graphics cards and what not because there’s more of a significant impression in the core of the benchmarks when resolute to memory across all versatile solutions.

How Stable Can We Get?

Stability Testing Methodology:

Memory stability is a very enticed subject across the interwebs. Yes, we said interwebs so deal with it. The most important thing to remember about memory is that it’s very mottled. Stability is created by the very definitions that the maker sets. Not to drill it with Sci-Fi, but the mainstream consumers’ stability is the sense of getting the fucking thing to work in general when they hit the on button. To the hardware and gaming enthusiast, it’s about getting the most from their RAM. To us, it’s all about everyone when it comes to pushing a memory to its limits given the condition. If it’s meant to be treated for enthusiasts, we treat it as such. If it’s not, we account for that and adjust. Here at WhatIfGaming, we don’t do your traditional “z0mgz let me runs my Prime95, 3DMark, SuperPi, and all this crapz0rs” stuff here. If you’re looking for that, kindly follow the exit signs to the top right of this screen. We do the real tests. Folding@Home, Rosetta@Home and World Community Grid as few to name. 24/7 crunch time is the only way we can provide maximum quality, something we’re always aiming to do here. Yeah, it takes a lot of time—but that’s why we have plenty of other stuff in the pipeline to hold your eagerness to standby mode.

Test Results: Folding@Home, Rosetta@Home, and World Community Grid all passed the mark for this Memory core after interval testing.

Efficiency Testing

We know memory is stable from running these tests for an extended period of time, but how are we going to check if it was effectively stable? Stable is one thing. But efficiency in stability is another. Simple. We log the temperature at the beginning of the procedure using our nodes on the DIMM slots, and then we calculate the end result and determine if for the exact same type of render operation that the results were stable.

Note: Idle at 29°C.

Crucial DDR3-PC3 8500 Review: Memory Efficiency

Stable Overclocking

Crucial DDR3-PC3 8500 Review: Overclocking

A steady climb from left to right is ideal at all three timing series and what we see is extraordinary. Starting off with a look at the 6-6-5 timings we see that 800MHz stable is achieved with 2.01V and almost nearing closure with just 1.96V. After reaching an unbelievable 1025MHz on a core voltage of 2.10V, the temperature of the ram itself was only a mere 45°C which when shown without any form of aluminum heat spreaders is definitely remarkable.

At 7-6-5, these modules simply excel and at the rated voltage, they clock up to over 900MHz which is just great for the amount of power we’re using up. These modules have no problem overpassing 1000MHz at 2.0v which quite possibly makes this one of the highest rated DDR3 being offered among other manufacturers and for DDR3 PC3-8500, Crucial’s strength is shown with this.

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    Apollodorus replied on June 28th, 2008 2:03 AM:

    It’s low on idle and load from the power efficiency after 24 hours. Which is still something.

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