Crucial DDR3 PC3-8500 4GB Kit Review: Exceeding Limits

Maximum Power

Crysis is a 1st person action adventure shooter that is quite possibly one of the most photo realistic games to ever come out on any console yet. A real competitor, this game doesn’t just wrestle with the graphics, but overall system requirements as well and will make a perfect test solution to our gaming benchmark.

Crucial DDR3-PC3 8500 Review: Crysis 1280x1024 Benchmark

Crucial DDR3-PC3 8500 Review: Crysis 1920x1080 Benchmark

Crucial DDR3-PC3 8500 Review: Crysis 2560x1600 Benchmark

From the chart above, the memory most definitely had an effect on the fps of Crysis. While Crysis is primarily a GPU centered game, the active loading constantly and storing of temporary operations and calculations data places a certain level of importance with the memory and how fast the CPU is able to process this information for the PCI-E 2.0 x 16 slots. The average fps increased about 3.5% with the peak being its highest at an average 46.2 frames per second as a result of the memory modules. This test specification clearly shows that while the other factors remain constant throughout, memory usage has an effect when coupled with an enthusiast memory such as the Crucial DDR3 PC3-8500.

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  1. Man, WiG is on top of everything. Loving it.

  2. Another great Review!

  3. Thanks for the review

    Genius as always. Will buy soon

  4. love these reviews and going to buy this right now. Never a fan of the 2gb heat spreaders, rather have 4 GB. thanks!

  5. more and more do i wanna upgrade

  6. Thanks for review man

  7. hardware golden choice iis very difficult to get. Seeing the results though, it earned it.

  8. Whatifgaming is the best <3 ty.

  9. Hmmmm money could be better spent on CPUs and GPU’s for gaming. Totally agree. But I’m a Premeire guy—I definitely want this and am ordering this from Crucial atm. Thanks.

  10. Thank you very much. C’est tres bon.

  11. Sweet. thank. Going to buy it soon

  12. Hardware goldenness.

  13. Amazing stuff. Buying it

  14. Thanks a bunch. CL7 at 1.5V is crazy

  15. We bought another memory :(. Now regretting it says bf. This one is way better

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  17. Very great review. Quite possibly the best reviews from each category. Always looking forward to more

  18. Thanks! Buying it now

  19. Even 2 fps makes a difference. buying now

  20. Buying this one for sure. Definitely top of the line at 4GB.

  21. Memory clocks seem stable, and tRWT seems just on stable to CL7. Must have it appears. I agree

  22. Tyvm

  23. I’m liking it a lot. Need this for upgrades

  24. Thanks. Love it. But any performance for 8800GTS?

  25. Sweet stuff. I really want gold heat spreads on this still. My cooling isn’t exactly the best

    Apollodorus replied on June 28th, 2008 2:03 AM:

    It’s low on idle and load from the power efficiency after 24 hours. Which is still something.

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  27. Bought it. Waiting on tracking #

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