Cut The Crud: Custom Soundtracks For PS3

XMB No Sh!tAs if headaches aren’t annoying enough, the next thing to come out of anything are the influx of posts related to In-Game XrossMediaBar (XMB), the PS3’s main operating system coinage, by small time blogs and rancid obvious chit chat regarding the state of custom soundtracks for the PS3 XMB and Microsoft’s patent on the feature.

The facts are obvious and clear as day. Stop stating the obvious, because everyone already knew the patent was there since the Xbox. The trend is that most people love to sacrifice their journalistic integrity or offer the illusion of such just duly from the fact that they can muster or turd together an article with any relation to the most wanted and spoken about feature relating to PS3 just to get their numbers up. Real websites do not write bullshit. They call it out, and are followed by that traffic naturally because of it. So, you small time blogs out there with 400 contributors need to start thinking about the What If’s of not writing bullsh!t articles and thinking beyond that. It is obvious that for Microsoft to get love, they need to give love. The BDA is composed primarily of major stockholders in Sony and Sony Entertainment itself, and welcomed Microsoft with open arms. Microsoft needs, and most likely will show the same attitude once it comes to implementing a small feature such as custom soundtracks for games with SCE with the PS3. Or else, things will naturally get messy. Let’s face one thing. HD-DVD died, and no fancy 8 track is going to take over Blu-ray anytime soon. Microsoft needs the game for $$$ in their PC market, and it is without a doubt that they will not start charging licensing fees to SCE for something so minuscule in corporate relations. Honestly, why do people even bother writing without even thinking it through first?

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