Dead Rising 2 Review: The Apocalyptic Infestation Realized

The apocalypse came suddenly, or so we thought. It has been years since the first infection, and the Willamette incident, and sequel to the hit title Dead Rising have finally been released in the grandeur that is Dead Rising 2. Dead Rising 2 rises from the depths of the ground and bites into every player that gets an experience for the amount of thrill it offers with gut-tearing gameplay, a blood splatteringly good storyline, and a zombie revivification journey that is truly engaging to even someone who is not exactly commodious with bearing a weapon into an undead skull. In this apocalyptic infection of Dead Rising 2, I have come to realize that the struggles that await me are beyond reality, but no matter how much I want to close my eyes and forget: they are always lurking for the next red spill in the shadows.

Dead Rising 2 prefaces an entirely new direction for the series with an incredible storyline that reaches its potential from the prologue Case Zero, until the very end of the second title. Our protagonist Chuck Greene is caught on the light of misfortune after losing his wife, leaving behind their daughter Katey to Chuck and a world full of a zombie onset apocalypse. This former motocross champion becomes interested in the TV sensation Terror Is Reality. Hosted by the charismatic and faux-charm Tyrone King, Terror Is Reality places ordinary members of the public against a closed environment of zombies with the main purpose of surviving to win big money and prizes. After the events in Still Creek, Chuck Greene heads to Fortune City from Las Vegas as a participant in the macabre TV-series event of the year which offers the expensive Zombrex solution to the winner. Survivors are extremely rare on the TV show, let alone in the world which is covered with the blood of the innocent. From all the horrendous action and blood-splitting effect of sleep deprivation and constant struggle, the origins of the outbreak will also become clearer as they traverse their way in Fortune City. Chuck Greene uses everything in his fortitude to protect Katey from becoming a zombie, and the sole willpower and determination to grab various weapons and use them with a purpose that is scathing and not bloodless.

Time is the key element in Fortune City and in a world overrun by a zombie mass infection where every decision has a consequence, bringing another person has an effect, exploring the landscape brings danger, and giving a helping hand can be that two second difference or more in getting bitten and becoming a zombie. Dead Rising 2 makes use of time similar to the first title, but the level of pacing is heightened and extremely stressed. There are more people in Fortune City than at first glance, and with that even greater opportunity to be overcome with the infectious plague that is the outbreak. Exploration has changed dramatically, and almost every sort of shops and in-game environments can be visited, so the amount of selectivity is greater for Chuck Greene. Between his journey around the city and dealing with the outbreak, Chuck has to pace around endlessly to gain Zombrex and earn rewards through the skill points earned by killing zombies. A greater killing spree leads to better entertainment and chances of gaining Zombrex for Katey by 7:00 AM every morning. The constant race in a struggle for time and the complicated nature of infection makes the storyline pacing necromantic and frightening at the same time.

Dead Rising 2 comes with a trepidation that is horrifically beautiful and a balanced combat and rewards system that is used to deal with these blood-starved red-mouthed zombies is the highlight element of the central values that made the original Dead Rising an unforgettable title. Visually, hundreds of zombies are on screen and will pile on towards Chuck Green in a way that Frank West never dared to imagine. Originally, Dead Rising made gamers use objects from mall convenient stores to use as weapons. While the gameplay element was fresh and exciting, it was disappointing for creative enthusiasts that wanted to do more than simply stick objects into the brains of another infected. Dead Rising 2 adds a level of complexity to the weapons and attack system. Chuck can attack using any set of weapons in a multiple combo streak and different methods that are pre-scripted to fit items in unique ways. Chuck can attach chainsaws to motorbikes, or use any sort of method to land something on an infected from a difference using common items found in the scenery. Chuck will find his resources extremely limited and the time tension will make player creativity run wild. Players can amalgam any two objects with simple tape and create unlimited possibilities of combinations for their own style of handling infected in their own visionary. Dead Rising 2 comes not just with a simple hack and slash style, but with a developed ranking system using the Prestige Points (PP) system of the game. The premise lies with a player’s tactic: the more combination weapons a player uses, the more Prestige Points they will gain in their fight to save Katey and be a stronger better Chuck Greene. The amount of gruesome human or infected skin-tearing fathomage fused with the incredibly developed weapons and rewards system in Dead Rising 2 keeps the blood constantly pumping adrenaline as if every moment is the last minute of life any of us will see before Dead Rising 2’s inevitable teeth will bite into our flesh from the excitement.

Dead Rising 2 marks the rudiment of the multiplayer experience of the Dead Rising franchise, one of the features we felt was desperately needed since Dead Rising. Admittedly, we have always been ahead of the curve in terms of gaming exigency, and also wanted online cooperative play for the first Halo title on the Xbox, but to create a launch title for the newer generation Xbox 360 and not have online cooperative play seemed ridiculous even at that time for Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 fixes the longstanding wrong that Dead Rising left out. The online gameplay modes are unimaginable alone in terms of future downloadable content. Currently, Dead Rising 2 comes with cooperative play and no competitive zombie-infection type mode, which seems rather disappointing but is not a huge concern in the multiplayer’s inception. Players can invite their best friends to partner up and take on zombie eradication carnage as strategy reaches an apex that is fun, exciting, and vivacious. Terror Is Reality focuses on special productions online through one of the most creative modes that Dead Rising 2 can offer: a live TV gladiatorial event that hurls players into a zombie panic and forces them to stay alive in a King of the Hill style match-mode. Without giving up the special surprises, players can be rest assured that the amount of fun and replay value within Dead Rising 2 and its multiplayer combined are exceptionally developed. You are no longer alone in the infection and the camaraderie and company that another friend can bring is unparalleled to the struggle of living to just live and survive.

Dead Rising 2 brings the terror of the bite into a reality that is morbid but manages to still bring out the comedic in Fortune City. The gameplay is vastly improved to the previous title, and the chaotic reach of the zombie struggle realizes itself through combat and haunting memories of the clock every minute and every second. The online cooperative play and the feel of finally having another human being helping you out in the rampage is relieving and memorable. As Chuck Greene, players will finally see the apocalypse from a new standpoint and the standpoint of a father that cares for his daughter and has something to live for. The storyline is humbling and the motif of survival is a touching one in this tale of father and child. As Chuck Greene, players will finally understand what sacrifice means in this day and age regardless of how sacrifice has turned into nothing but pain and being eaten alive. Blood and being eaten alive has never been more rewarding, or more beautiful.

Dead Rising 2 Review: The Apocalyptic Infestation Realized – Feel My Bite

Dead Rising 2 is fantastically addicting and entertaining. As Usman has mentioned, one of the best aspects of Dead Rising 2 revolves around the newer and further enhanced combat mechanic that makes use of the relativity of the objects in relation to their damage and provides a realistic canvas for painting the walls with blood. The storyline itself, though not completely original is still unique in its own sense and provides a bond that we have not seen whereas Dead Rising gives us the responsibility on reporting the events of the outbreak. One aspect I personally disliked with Dead Rising was the fact that it was simplistic and the timer was annoying, considering there was no time left when there was actually something to do in the landscape which was far and few. Some of the missions were overly ridiculous, and the timings of where certain characters were and how they responded to Frank West seemed haphazard at best. Dead Rising 2 finally alleviates that scripted nonsense and subsequently gives the player a title that is as haunting and detailed just as much as it is technical. The musical score is compelling and reminiscent of some of my favorite UK-centric infection title composers, notably John Murphy of 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later splendor. Dead Rising 2 is undoubtedly a complete package that is worth the purchase in the end. And if the end ever does come in a zombie infection, I will be sure to sport the IJIEK Chuck Greene jacket I myself own and kill the infected in style.

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