Dead Rising 3 Review: Bloody Good Messy Fun

Dead Rising 3 is Capcom and Microsoft’s latest exclusive in the world of the Xbox One, and one that takes a bite out of the zombie competition with excitement and lots of gore. Dead Rising 3 has very solid game mechanics and though it may have its slight problems, it creates a world that players can really enjoy themselves in with regards to the Xbox One and its exclusive offerings.

Dead Rising 3 has a storyline we rather not spoil, but there is a new protagonist in a new city where there is of course a zombie invasion. Zombrex is always at it again and this is something players will soon find out in regards to the storyline. The pacing of the narrative always feels fresh, and though the reality that you can dress up in ridiculous articles of clothing during the cut-scenes sometimes works against the raw gritty nature, it is still an appreciated style when humor is discovered similar to the past-time Dead Rising titles.

Dead Rising 3 has gameplay in the open-world sandbox that does have a time limit in the actual storymode campaign, but one that removes the challenges of the former titles. Players do not have to rush against a more strenuous clock, and there is more freedom to the world along with the new change of environmental ambience. More serious zombie gamers will appreciate the style choice while fans of the series may find it lacking somewhat. For us, it is just as much realism that is needed to push the series forward towards a more mainstream and amazing experience for the majority. What is not as amazing is the road-blocks one can hit while they are on a vehicle or exploring the new city. This can happen quite a lot and be a bit reality-breaking. As players fight in the zombie world, they will encounter tons of new characters and be able to unlock new blueprints for combo weapons and to progress to Level 50 with the attribute point rewards. Combining weapons is a returning feature of Dead Rising and something which is more than appreciated but one which works well in terms of traditional zombie narrative elements of survival.

Dead Rising 3’s multiplayer is the best out of the franchise.  It allows for asynchronous gameplay with two players in a way that is exciting but also allows for progression to be saved. This is something which a lot of games get wrong unless they break it up quest-wise in terms of an open-world sandbox like Dead Rising 3 did. There are still critical chapter points where if you join someone else’s main storyline mission and see that, you still have to play through yours – but the quests update properly and are not a big mess to figure out.

Dead Rising 3 is without a doubt the most realistic Dead Rising ever created in terms of the environment and the gameplay even if slightly lacking in variety. While the city is not as ground-breaking as Fortune City or Willamette mall, it has its own identity and host of characters which is bad or good depending on the lore of the person playing it. Either way, it has a lot It is a fun addition guaranteed into the Xbox One launch lineup and provides great talking points for the console’s exclusives.



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