Devil May Cry 2: Why I Cry

Devil May Cry 2, a sequel that had an opportunity to improve upon an already excellent formula introduced in its predecessor but has unequivocally squandered it. Nearly every single improvement made in Devil May Cry 2 has some adverse effect. The environments, for example, are indeed quite larger than those in the previous game, but they lack the high level of detail and personality in Devil May Cry 2, make it a sad sad example of a game.

Likewise, Dante has a few admittedly stylish and easy-to-control new moves, but they are almost completely worthless and serve no purpose other than to improve your stylish action rating, which is quite unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. Additionally, Capcom has given Dante a partner named Lucia, whose levels are mostly identical to those on Dante’s disc except that they’re either in reverse or chopped in half, making her quest even shorter than Dante’s incredibly short journey. Ultimately, it is just disappointing to see such an uninspired sequel that simply goes through the motions of being an action game rather than taking advantage of concepts introduced in its predecessor.

The lack of personality in Devil May Cry 2 is obvious in every single character. What’s most disheartening is that Dante, who also happens to be the son of a legendary warrior, is almost completely devoid of any charisma. These characters do cross each others paths at different points in the game, since both are trying to find a set of relics that are also sought by a man named Arius, who hopes to use them to gain control over the world.

In the end, Devil May Cry 2 is a sad example of an action title.

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