Diablo III Preview: The Monk

We just had a chance to check out the Monk for Diablo III, a class just recently announced to fans of The Lord of Destruction and his love for arsony. The Monk has long robes and seems to be peaceful, but Monks are very dangerous and designed around inflicting damage on an enemy in a short amount of time.  The trade off to the Monk’s speed and power is that it is noticeably weaker than other classes, so if the monk gets swarmed  – he dies.  Luckily, the Monk’s skills and attacks can limit the impact of this weakness, making him a force to be reckoned with against even against dozens of enemies. In fact, many of his skills are designed to compensate with this by imparting explosive or area of effect strikes, all of which are controlled by the player.

Essentially, Monk’s abilities are governed by how quickly the player clicks the mouse in succession on a target. You have half a second to click on the same target again and start your combo. Each attack has three separate levels, each one with impressive effects imparted on the third level. The first attack is Crippling Wave, a debuffing attack that allows you to decrease the speed of your target on the first blow for a limited amount of time, reduce the damage your enemies cause for a limited amount of time on the second strike and finally refreshes these strikes and extends the effects on the third blow. Another attack that can be wielded by the Monk is the Seven Sided Strike, which allows the Monk to teleport between enemies and land up to nine strikes (when fully upgraded) on enemies. However, the most iconic attack of the Monk is the Exploding Palm attack, which allows players to inflict significant damage on the first and second strikes. The third attack of this character imparts a bleeding state on the target, causing it to lose health consistently, and if the enemy dies within this state, it explodes, causing damage on nearby enemies. Players can start with a Seven Sided Strike, switch to a Crippling Wave and finish with an Exploding Palm strike – leaving enemies immediately devastated around the area of attack.

Players can further select and boost the Force Without Thought skill, a passive counterattack ability that allows players to dodge incoming strikes and return a blow with incredible force. Players can also cast Inner Sanctuary (mentioned to me by someone near this booth), an ability that erects a magical barrier that enemies cannot pass through, and Impenetrable Defense, a temporary shield that reflects projectiles and allows you to dodge incoming melee attacks. There are also a couple of abilities and skills that can double as attacks against enemies. The first is Radiant Visage, a power that calls down holy light to blind enemies for three to five seconds and reduces their chance to hit, giving you free strikes before they know what hit them. Combine all of this with 
Way of the One Hundred Fists, a dashing move that imparts multiple hits that eventually culminates in an area of effect strike and enemies are definitely in for a surprise.

The Monk class is definitely an amazing class to have while fighting with demons, and this just gets us more excited about other classes yet to be revealed.

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