DiRT 2 Review: Lose Control

DiRT 2 Review

DiRT 2 is finally out for rallying fanatics that love the only series to ever carry the tradition of being one of the only rallying video games available.  While DiRT 2 has been long awaited, part of it ends up on the loose side due to actual limited rallies and A.I. flawlessness. Regardless of these flaws, DiRT 2 remains exciting to anyone that enjoyed GRiD when it came out. Codemasters designed DiRT 2 to provide a lot of action and thrill to players of all skill levels, and still creates a memorable rally racing experience in the part of the new iteration.

DiRT 2 Review

DiRT 2 definitely has some exciting additions and improvements, such as the addition of a Flashback feature. Flashback allows the game to be more approachable without negatively affecting player progress. The feature allows a lot of players to go beyond the limits. Wiping-out can easily be rewinded. The flashback feature definitely allows this rally racer to play without any problems, while drastically increasing the action beyond the fury of the sand.

DiRT 2 Review

DiRT 2 comes with more variety in terms of track selection from mountainous rallies, to abandoned refineries, the reaches of Morocco, and even the tranquil marshes of China. DiRT 2 provides an incredible amount of environmental variety while also further providing interesting modes to choose from. The central mud-racing action of DiRT 2 is the Career Mode, which stars players as an up-and-coming racer and builds you into a champion. Races provide you experience points, which in turn increases the driver level. Through 30 levels, you additionally unlock even more new races, and gain a lot of iconic gifts. Dashboard items such as a hula girl and fuzzy dice to hang from your rearview mirror are just a few of the items players will be able to enjoy. Xbox 360 owners get an additional bonus to add a dangling version of your Avatar in the car as well. With these great rewards, DiRT 2 makes gameplay rewarding despite being more than fun in general.

DiRT 2 has an interesting dichotomy of AI balance. The rally cars have a realistic weight to them and give a sense that you are driving on the edge of control. Rookies will find themselves slightly struggling while pros will also find it difficult to beat the AI right away.

DiRT 2 Review

With decent customization, DiRT 2 makes decent improvements to cars but there is very little impact from the customization to make it effective in the overall car design. DiRT 2’s system is undeniably a great fit for casual players. Despite its simplicity, the system does provide immediate improvements to a race but the body modifications are specific to current events being played which is definitely limited.

While DiRT 2 does focus on rally races, very few of the events have actual time-trial rallies. Realistic rally races fall short with no hill climbing events except one level that just involves a twisting hillside. DiRT 2 is still a rally racer in terms of the different environments, but there is a lack of rally racing.

Multiplayer was a complete sore in terms of DiRT 1, as events were only timed and not on the same track. Every event type can now be played online with up to seven others. The online runs well and of course is extremely enjoyable to players of all practice. Every car is available, whether you own it or not in single-player, but custom liveries are still dependent on individual Campaign mode.

DiRT 2 Review

DiRT 2 manages to pack arcade racing into rally modes for an exciting out of control adventure. Despite limited customizability, and real time-based rallies, DiRT 2 is a decent improvement over DiRT 1. Hardcore players and casual gamers alike will have too much fun in DiRT 2.

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