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Disciples III Renaissance:Legions of the Damned

Nevendaar is land that betides the players into a story where the world of Disciples comes to life. Succesor to the first great RPG/TBS adventures, Disciples III Renaissance is the demurrage of a host of new features along with greater gameplay that made the previous titles such hits. As a Lord of Nevendaar, the player embroils on a conquest that returns power to its form. Building upon a host of new features, there are three playable races to choose from: the Empire, the Elven Alliance and the Legion of the Damned. Shivers and spines all the way down. How do they all fare? Check out the jump.

The Empire.

The Empire was once a place where great men ruled, and equanimity was more than few. Now, the distended ranks of the Empire has suffered much through the encyclical Great Wars that devastated the land and left its people in a derisible state. The death of Demosthene, the last king, left the Empire without a righteous ruler and Emry and Ambrielle find it difficult to hold the Empire together.

The Elven Alliance

Elven Alliance

The Elves are powerful in combat, making use of their healing and the art of magic constantly to keep ahead of their slow wimmed foes. Little did they know of their distrainor with the return of Gallean. The Elven Alliance was strong in bringing the Noble and the Wild Elves together in a campaign that divagated the Empire, taking important cities away from them, was soon weakened by Gallean’s requests that were perceived as ravings by the Nobles and as righteous command by the Wild, even though their god has turned on them to reclaim the souls of the Dark Ones from the evil ezootic Mortis.

The Legion of the Damned.

The Legions newly found source of power afforded by the mystic afforded their hate to grow. Now it is time for Bethrezen to reign his havoc with his minions, created for his curse on the lands of his own creation. Living off of fire mana, the Legions of the Damned are here to stay, and are not to be denied their freedoms this time.

With all the races covered, and an already seemingly enhanced storyline for a 3D evolved series, the lands of Disciples III Renaissance is looking good to live in. Minus the warfare, of course.

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