DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle Review – Put The Mic Down

DJ Hero 2 brings the vividness and excitement that DJ Hero brought to DJ enthusiasts everywhere around the world. DJ Hero 2’s primary structure is found on a level of solidity and all-encompassing amount of fun through the online gameplay, and moreover the feel of Party Play with two turntables. Sadly, the microphone and the lack of a decent single-player campaign that truly make people feel like an incredible DJ is sorely missing. DJ Hero 2 attempts to create a terse and exiting musical reification through the new set list, but sadly a lack of real decent DJ songs and overcomplicated mash-ups between artists serves to downplay the experience heavily and leave the turntables in the dust.

Music games tend to reach a peak in terms of the core gameplay, and then continue to expand on the concepts in sequels, at least the successful ones. DJ Hero 2 brings extenuating gameplay through the different mix sections of scratching, and mixing, and finally manages to further develop the scratching on the turntables. Turntables do not feel difficult due to the bizarre layout of trying to press the 3 face buttons on the spin-box while trying to turn the table in an eerie way. The gameplay has become immensely improved other than the hardware combination aside. Crossfading has become less dull, and has managed to show the rhythms more strongly than interjecting with sound effects and what not. Empire Mode is the highlight of the single-player campaign, but sadly fails to deliver than anything beyond normal. Along with this core gameplay, the 83-track set list returns and highlights more recent artists, such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and all your other mainstream rappers. The only disappointing factor but the most reasonable factor comes with certain artists comprising of songs that simply do not mesh well with the beats of the DJ spin. Some songs that are more geared towards pop than anything electronic techno or technica. While the licensing for DJ Hero 2 is much stronger than the predecessor of the title, it still shows a necessitousness portrayal of original songs to suit up for the impressively improved game mechanic.

Set lists unlock clothes, and accessories along with placing you to fight with other DJs in the single-player storyless campaign, players can take the DJing action through the multiplayer Battle Modes. The battle modes vary between six different types and feel well-developed which includes players having an online persona with a leveling system that is exciting and surprisingly more fun than the single-player campaign itself.

DJ Hero 2 has a lot to offer to the fanbase of DJ Hero, looking to get away from some of the light inadequacies of the title, and engage in a newer and stronger title. While the microphone is surely a dying idea while players are scratching for their lives, the title provides a new and refreshing take on the series which keeps the old formula while updating it just enough to be worthy of the sequel title.

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