DJ Hero Review: Spin The Turntable

DJ Hero Review

Musicians can finally be made through the effort of a deck, and the harmony of music combined with game mechanics through plastic peripherals to create the experience of music professionals. Rock Band and Guitar Hero brought the feeling of playing a guitar and feeling like a Guitar ‘Hero’ to many amateurs and professionals across the continents. DJ Hero allows players to feel like DJ’s without the need to be one.

DJ Hero provides a similar introduction to traditional style play that requires music aficionados to change their beat and rhythm to the scale of the music in the tracks included. An amazing set of skill-sets allows players to live through the DJ dream. FreeStyleGames and Grand Master Flash provide an experience that makes the DJ Deck board the premiere for an exciting sense of style and musical creativity. Players will find themselves introduced to the five game mechanics that comprise the entire gameplay core: simple button mixes, cross-fading, scratching, and DJ Hero’s Star Power comparable besides Euphoria. Gameplay itself is largely similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises: follow the notes. Instead, DJ Hero provides more of a complexity in terms of the additional components that allow the music to dynamically change, providing a unique listening and playing experience.

DJ Hero is definitely exciting in terms of the complexity scale. Medium difficulty is crafted to give the most fearful players a friendly introduction to the DJ experience whereas the progression scales up evenly. FreeStyleGames cleverly builds on progression to reward players. Playing through DJ Hero unlocks newer more complex mechanics that blend the rest together to allow players to learn not just how to use the deck, but also learn its intricacies. One minute players will be scratching with cross-fades, the next they will need to combine this with button presses. DJ Hero groups 24 sets of songs that are locked to begin with. Each set comprises of about five songs that will unlock once a set begins and progresses. Performance is graded by stars that are the primary form to unlock newer sets, stadiums, outfits, decks, characters including additional content. DJ Hero gives players the DJ experience while also giving them the ability to learn the intricacies of the deck.

DJ Hero Review

DJ Hero is undoubtedly made for the single-player experience. Players can still get another turntable or guitar to play alongside each other, but the painful truth is that the cost of the title makes it a problem for cooperative gameplay.  Turntable two player modes place players in a standoff to play the same track and also achieve their highest final score.  DJ Hero nevertheless does bring life to a party that requires entertainment. DJ Hero provides for great moments both in single-player mode and cooperative local play.

FreeStylGames’ DJ Hero gives players a reason to feel the need to experience what a DJ does: tracks are incredibly fun and artistic to play spin riffs towards for aficionados and amateurs alike while the creativity and level progression provides an incredible sense of style and grace. DJ Hero does come with problems in two player cooperative modes which involve unbalanced play of two DJ’s fighting it out to their own creative vibe – something that is particularly unusual but not misguided. DJ Hero will definitely live on to see many more sequels and further amazing artists looking to contribute into making something more special for their fans: the DJ experience and the beat of the music.

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