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For the woman who wants a woman cartoonist as the protagonist, a new romantic love adventure game appears. Titled “The Man And Cartoon Of The Comic Garden” in English, this Japan only DS game takes on the stories of a 20 year old aspiring cartoonist name Airi. Due to her popularity, she becomes the assistant of a world famous cartoonist himself and meets many cartoonists in this male dominated field.

The story advances with the mode where you can enjoy the conversation with a male character and the mode which draws up cartoons. But, why only draw for males? Because the game takes a spin and combines the love of drawing for our female protagonist, to the relationships with the men she chooses to live with over time. Apparently, men get hard when women draw them and color them perfectly, making sure to stay inside the lines. This is almost like Titanic, but except you flip Leonardo DiCaprio’s character with that of the female. At least now we know, love is love. And it can take all sorts of weird forms, or situations.

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