Droid X Review – Droid X Calls Home

The Droid X is a delicious Verizon Wireless phone that makes a remarkable introduction into what smart phones are really capable of. With a fast CPU core, a great amount of memory, the flexibilities of Android, combined with the power of Google Applications, the Droid X is one of the best smartphones that money can get you on a 2-year contract term for an extremely affordable price. With a 8 Megapixel camera function, combined with an internal memory that can hold as much as 8 GB, the Droid X brings a level of power and portability that would make the ITU-T proud.

The Motorola Droid X comes with a Texas Instruments CPU processor line equivalent to their OMAP series, providing up to 1.0 GHz of clock rate on the CPU (which is quite extensive given this is a phone after all). Thin film transistor liquid crystal display screen is immensely better than most phones using the LCD screens in the mainstream market phones today (Samsung, Sony), giving a level of contrast which is refreshingly accurate.

The screen interface itself is admirable and mapped according to the Droid X locking mechanism animations. The idle screen presents a great slide-by similar to the iPhone but less prone to lag. Accessing the main menu, there are 4 easy buttons to be greeted to: Text Messages, Browser, Market, and Voicemail (Verizon Visual Voicemail is optional).  The menu situates itself into a terrific level of combination with the outside interface of the design and the actual application selection icons extremely smoothly, giving users a carefree approach in navigating throughout a crafted menu design.

The Droid X primarily works on the CDMA technology. For those not familiar, Code Division Multiple Access is a channel access method used in band air frequencies. This essentially allows the phone to function with cellular towers of the similar sort, across different networks, and roaming capabilities that equally support CDMA in United States and Canada. Unfortunately, the Droid X is a phone that when taken out of the U.S., is rendered useless. This is definitely quite the negative, considering the world still runs on primarily GSM (or a GPRS 2.5). For callers that travel a lot, the Droid X might not be the most preferred method of cellular interaction across every country.

The Droid X is certainly one of the better phones on the market that is exclusive to the Verizon carrier. At a decent introduction unlocked price of $799.99 and a MSRP of $599.99, the Droid X is a terrific offering by Verizon Wireless that can be affordable for even anyone with barely any budget to afford on a 2 year or 3 year contract. This is the phone you want to get if you get phones very rarely.

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