E3 2010 Interview: Don Mattrick & KINECT

WhatIfGaming: Don, that was one heck of a show…

DM: That is what we try to aim for and always revealing the Xbox Experience.

WhatIfGaming: I do have to ask, did you find the scripted dialogue as horribly cheesy as I did? It was almost..

DM: [Laughs]

WhatIfGaming: Theatrical Comedy…

WhatIfGaming: But getting back to the main percipient of the show: KINECT. First off, why change the name?

DM: KINECT represented an easy aspect for us to communicate the entire focus point of the device – KINECT-ion so to speak.

WhatIfGaming:What is the actual price of the unit? Currently retailers are showing $149.99. Is this right?

DM: We have given this price to retailers for the time being when we can reevaluate the price model and see if it works for our base.

WhatIfGaming: I have to ask, one of the things that fascinated me was KINECTIMALS….tell our readers more about that.

DM: KINECTIMALS is for the family that wants their own virtual pet. Certain times, kids are not allowed to get pets for whatever reason or because it might not be feasible to get one. KINECTIMALS provides that experience naturally with the KINECT motion controller.

WhatIfGaming:I thought getting a real-life pet would be cheaper than buying a $149.99 accessory?

DM: [Laughs] It is not so much about that, it is more about what we can do that is possible on the screen and what can work in a new and different way.

WhatIfGaming: PlayStation Move. I have to ask, what do you think?

DM: I believe gaming is moving in the direction to evolve, as I told you last year regarding the aspects of motion enabled play. Obviously Nintendo really fully implemented this motion, and some companies like to make something extremely similar which does surprise me personally [referring to Move]. As for what I can say about Microsoft and KINECT, we want to make players and their entire motion the controller. Not just the upper torso, or one arm, or two. It is different, and it is going to be available.

WhatIfGaming: So far, the only things we have seen in terms of KINECT has been Milo & Kate, KINECTIMALS, KINECT Adventures, and the Sports offerings. Certain people have e-mailed us expressing concern for the lack of any real hardcore support.

DM: Right now, we have announced these things which make full use on launch. We already have many more exclusive Xbox 360 titles lined up by leading first party developers looking to break that barrier, notably Lionhead Studios and many more wishing to implement it further. There is a lot to look forward to.

WhatIfGaming: Don, thanks for your time.

DM: Always.

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