E3 2011 Interview: Assassin’s Creed Revelations Interview – Adreane Meunier

WhatIfGaming: Thanks for taking the time to interview with us, it seems to be quite busy around the multiplayer booths.

Adreane Meunie: Yes, it is busy but we like to think it is because people have made a connection with Revelations.

WhatIfGaming: What is one feature of AC: Revelations you want to tell our readers? Kind of general, but the first thing that pops into your mind.

AM: We really listened to players about singleplayer and multiplayer altogether, and we feel there are a lot of changes that have been done, from moves to the actual modes of

multiplayer and even the HUD lining. They will really enjoy all parts of the game.

WhatIfGaming: One thing multiplayer wise, are there more “perks” so to say or abilities with Assassin’s or are they new. We saw a mix of old and new.

AM: We wanted to keep a feel for Brotherhood in multiplayer but an even better version of this title. That was our main focus on everything and it is something we feel people will enjoy. That mix of different and also nostalgic.

WhatIfGaming: Does Ezio come with anymore new innovations when he comes to assassinate people? Earlier on he would first assassinate one person, then 2 at a time, what does it seem like now?

AM: It is definitely great with his new Hookblade and many more things such as crafting weaponry that people will love to see when the game is released.

WhatIfGaming: Thank you for your time!

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