EA And MAXIS Announce Spore Galactic Edition

For the ultimate Spore fan, Maxis, an Electronic Arts Inc (NASDAQ: ERTS) studio today announced the limited Galactic Edition of the highly-anticipated game from the creators of The Sims. This special box will contain the ‘Making of Spore’ DVD, ‘The Art of Spore’ hardback mini-book, a fold-out Spore poster, and a premium 100-page Galactic Handbook. The Galactic Edition will also feature a DVD documentary from the National Geographic Channel called “How to Build a Better Being”.

The Spore Galactic Edition is the ultimate backstage pass for the Spore universe. The Spore Galactic Edition is an incredible collection of art, video and behind-the-scenes access to the development team for fans, along with some of the coolest, most collectable packaging in years. – Patrick Buechner, vice president of marketing, Maxis.

Spore gives players their own personal universe in a box. Create and evolve life, establish tribes, build civilizations, sculpt entire worlds and explore a universe filled with creations made by other gamers. Spore gives players a wealth of creative tools to customize nearly every aspect of their universe: creatures, vehicles, buildings, and even UFOs.

In the UK the Galactic Edition of Spore will be available for £44.99 while the regular edition will retail at £39.99. Versions of Spore will ship for the PC, Mac, Nintendo DS™ and mobile phones on the 5th September 2008.

David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.


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