EA Sending Spies To LucasArts Kind Of…

LucasArts, makers of the first game to actually scream Star Wars from them (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) and video game division for LucasFilm, has announced the appointment of Electronic Arts and former Disney hotshot Darrell Rodriguez as president starting in mid-April.

Rodriguez’s appointment follows the departure of head Jim Ward, who stepped down in February after four whole years in the company. Rodriguez said:

I couldn’t be more excited to join such a dynamic and innovative company as LucasArts. The people are world class and the IP is the best in the business. To be able to work with such cultural icons as Star Wars and Indiana Jones and develop new franchises is like a dream come true.

Let’s just hope LucasArts sticks to making the great games they are making this time around. We all remember the different kinds of Battlefront’s and of course the horrible Obi Wan last gen. Or did you think we would forget LucasArts? Tsk tsk.

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