ESA E3 Downsize: A Move of Grandeur

E3 2007

We can just say that ESA’s 2,500 people invite-only model of the E3 Media and Business Summit as of 2007 is a digression to the dreams and happiness of that gamer who saves up everything for games, and has nothing more forward to look to during that time of the year than a massive event. The problem is that it is not true. In fact, the ESA’s decision to make E3 invite-only is one of the best decisions they could have ever made apart from catching pirates in the Northern regions of Seattle or some place like that. People have become tuned to the idea that the downsize is the worst possible thing that simply could have happened. The newest model of E3 has brought a sense of eventual prejudice and mostly misdirection from all fields that makes it apparent that many people are far from the realities of it.

Gaming is an industry that overstrides in its own depth, and was represented as such through the want of portraying the very confines of it is basic exertion in past E3’s. Developers would spend literally millions just to attract the bedaubed onset of crowds gushing in after waiting hours in line, hoping to generate that high from the buzz. But in that huge mist, the former Electronic Entertainment Expo was always an industry-only event, as it is right now. The problem? There just wasn’t any hard cracked rules by the ESA to begin with back in the 90’s. Now that it has, a majority of the public does not find it compelling and a few are running far to call it doomed. Everyone should take a look through the real scope this time.

5. Better Structure

E3 in the past was simply a mess. The kiosks were literally everywhere, some didn’t even have a company representative present to give details, and overall most booths were mendacious. Around 3 of the Microsoft gaming booths were busted for two days, some Nitendo Wii’s weren’t functioning properly due to a shady sensor, Sony’s systems kept resetting due to faulty wiring and there was no help around the corner. As a result of the invite-only event now, there is more support to go around.

E3 2006 Booth Craziness

Great. Now I Can Wait for 6-7 People of the Public at Each Booth to Finish the Entire Demo Before I Can Play.

4. More Reliability

As journalists, it is important to get all the information we possibly can for a title. This is isochronal to the last one where with more support comes an increased amount of reliability. You can count on getting the information after the invite only switch without being drowned out by the loud clangor of rowdy gaming fanboys next to you even when you’re practically trying not to yell to be heard.

E3 2007 Peter Meeting

Look How Fantastic This New E3 Is! And How Cool That Dog Is Too!

3. No Booth Babes

The booth babes. We do not mean to kill your fun. Or the excessively large sum you’re paid to stand around outside a booth to socialize with men “like us.” Or so she said, which was rather odd. Now I do not mean to be a braggart. I’m a good looking fellow, down to earth and top of the line from the Ivy’s, but even I didn’t understand this. Is that what they told you? To socialize with us. Eh, I do not blame ya. The booth babes not being there like previous conferences is really a move of common sense. Finally. It is great to have them there, but great companies do not need this marketing trick for their work. Great products speak for themselves and at the end of the day that’s what matters. At least it always did to us but somehow everyone else got wrapped up in these rather than the most important thing: the actual games.

E3 2006 Booth Babe

He’s Asking Me What Game That Is? Creep.

2. No More Waiting For Hours In Line or 180 minutes per game booth.

E3 2006 Lines

We’d love for you all to be there. Really. We’d love for everyone under the sun and your families to come along so we have a chance at the Spanish Bull Run to the gaming stands just to get our coverage of the video games at an event that was always intended to be industry only.

This Is Why Bunnies Die.

Thank the sweet forces of mother nature for aligning the balance and making sure it is extremely limited and we do not have to face a Jumanji scene. For those publications out there complaining about the invite only E3 model, check your bifocals.

E3 2006 Crazy Line

1. Specialization

All the factors combine together to finally create something memorable and straight to the point with future E3’s. We can finally get the information on the games we want fully, and do not have to run through loops and jump through rings of fire to get it. Everything is more organized and better processed as a whole. We can finally get the structure and knowledge as a whole, and that’s worth downsizing E3 even more if needed.

We can finally play our games without waiting for hours on end in an “invitee” line, and cover the games accurately and with ease for the first time without a desultory setting which makes plans crumble at their feet. All of you out there have our recommendation to stop moaning and some miffed publications that still complain about this to have a check up.

Finally, we’d like to give ESA our full support in their new model and encourage them to keep the E3 Media and Business Summit by the invite model, and let the public have fun at their E For All. Keyword: All.

Article Sponsored by and Paid for by: The Entertainment Software Association (ESA). – This line is a joke. Good work in figuring it out by yourself.

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