F1 2010 Review: Third Place Podium Finish

With Formula 1 racing becoming increasing more interesting and exciting with Michael Schumacher leaving Ferrari and finally letting other drivers have a chance to win, it was disappointing that the Formula 1 games released did not quite match the quality of the real life thing, that is until Codemasters bought the license and completely revitalized the whole aspect of it. It was never that the previous games were awful, but it just felt more like they lacked something that brought the feeling of actually driving a 200 mph+ car but it seems now with the 2010 iteration that it has finally been cracked and it feels totally immersive.

F1 2010 plays you out as a young driver starting down at the bottom with some of the smaller teams and weaker cars and the highest expectation that is expected is a 10th or 11th place finish, this helps the player get to grips with the gameplay while also achieving possible benchmarks. Soon enough with car upgrades, you will be expected to place higher in the race and eventually, after a few seasons, win the drivers championship. Each race can take a long time to complete with practice, qualifying and the Grand Prix which can be seen as both a good or bad point depending on how much the player is enjoying the game.

The gameplay itself is a call for a celebration especially when prior attempts have either been too arcade or far too serious that there is no fun to be had. F1 2010 nails the feeling of driving a high speed car and makes every mistake punishable yet makes every piece of good driving feel like you have achieved something. Another feature that factors heavily in the immersion is the unbelievably realistic weather effects and all credit must be given to the programmers and designers behind this part as it is nothing short of incredible. The rain makes driving much more tough but even so, it is worth the frustration just to see those graphical delights on your TV screen. F1 2010 has two minor flaws that will no doubt be rectified quickly in future games. Flaw number one: the cumbersome role playing element that your driver experiences both with the team and the press and although it is a great idea it needs to be much simpler when it is not the main focus of the game. Flaw number two: the way the game needs to be designed  has to place a focus on fixing the awful car-degrade system, so cars wear down faster and not bore people with extraneous laps that tend to be boring especially for racer fans that want to see some tight-paced action.  Likewise, The multiplayer aspect focuses largely on the arcade play of the single-player, and is the standard fare that you would expect from a racing game such as this in an aspect where it is the same game racing against human players which spices up the tension slightly but does not offer much in terms of uniqueness like the campaign to a greater degree this time around.

F1 2010 is a brilliantly designed game that completely immerses the player into the world of Formula 1 racing and gives the feeling of being in control of an unleashed beast with wheels and while there are a few problems that do not necessarily affect the game it would be nice if those were ironed out and improved in future titles.

Hey, my name is Stuart Blair and I live in Paisley in Scotland.

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