Fable: The Journey Exclusive Interview – Peter Molyneuxism

WhatIfGaming: So to clear up any misconceptions, this title is NOT Fable 4?

Peter Molyneux, Head of Lionhead Studios: Oh heavens, no. We have a lot more planned for Fable 4…should it come to that point, but at the moment, we want players to see Albion the way they have not seen it before: from that first person perspective that is constant and ever-loving.

WhatIfGaming: That is definitely an ambitious project. We actually received around 6,000 e-mails alone asking one question: is this solely a prequel and if so, do you believe it is great to gamers that are so used to the controller?

Peter Molyneux: Oh absolutely. Those fans of Fable will not be disappointed. I myself am the biggest fan of Fable and I would absolutely hate to  kill any sort of true hardcore gaming theme. While the entire game is KINECT active, we feel we can move players in the world of Albion, in a time before the sequences of the later games. There will be that realization that “Wow, this is incredible.”

WhatIfGaming: The gameplay in all honesty seemed rather terse…in terms of the actual variety. And I did want to get your clarification on this without being rude or like some journalists that do not have the guts to just openly say that to you directly but there seemed to be a problem that concerns me with the level of intensity…

Peter Molyneux: Right…well no, no. No need to worry about telling me directly, I always listen to the critics and most especially fans of the series. Right now, what we demoed is alpha build and so there is a lot more work we have to do before players truly see how they can become, live, and breathe their very own hero through the level KINECT offers. And I certainly do appreciate you bringing this to my attention and just being honest, which is something I truly value (smirk).

WhatIfGaming: Oh no problem…certainly, certainly. Thank you so much for your time and giving our readers a look into Fable: The Journey.

Peter Molyneux: Okay, take care and I hope to reveal a lot more over time.

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