Featured Contest Winner: MGO Beta Key # 20

And here it comes, featured winner for the 20th beta key we have given away so far.

This is cool =) I <3 you guys even if I don’t get one =P

– iluvlamps

Aww. He will still love us even if we will not give it to him. It is the thought that counts after all. Iluvlamps, expect a fancy beta key and instructions on how to redeem the code to download MGO on April 17th waiting in your mailbox.

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  1. gratz man!

    Still waiting so hopefully i can join you!!!

  2. Hey congrats man!!!!

  3. congrats man!! you will tell us how it is

  4. Right on! good luck online buddy! Here’s to hoping to meet you there!

  5. Thanks a ton!!! =D I’m so excited to play!!! =D=D=D


  6. Who are the other people that hav won?

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