Feed The Internals – Aliens vs Predator Preview

E3 2009 produced a terrific display of Aliens vs Predator. We take an in-depth look into the game that has fans of both the British Studio Rebellion and AvP series will get right. While staying similar to its previous titles, Aliens vs Predator comes bundled with multiplayer and a single-player campaign geared for three modes: aliens, predators, and marines. 30 years after the events of Alien 3, Aliens vs Predator takes a chunk of the storyline design from the latest film of the same name, where a group of marines land on a mysterious piece of land to either investigate or research. In this case, the planet dubbed BG-386 is where the marines are going to colonize, but of course things never work out the way they do. The marine’s single-player campaign has a lot of survival-preylistic themes thatr revolve around surviving an onslaught from an unknown group of two differing species. As guessed, both of these will clash into a battle to wage an immense war with marines caught in the dead center.

Predators were the sole aspect of the gameplay for this. As soon as they erupt from the ship, they are greeted with the jungle. This is to be their territory. Predators come equipped with ranged weapons, tech devices, camouflage, thermal imaging and the iconic wrist blades. Aliens will not have advanced weaponry, but they have an abundance of agility that will be a critical fright factor to any choice players embark on. Aliens can latch onto surfaces, including walls and ceilings, and run without any stamina limit to terrorize their victims with their deadly tails.  Each of the species has special abilities that are true to the origins and roots of the films and even the books.

Rebellion is shaping up to make a clearly impressive title that will garner great respect if they can get a concern that a lot of players have been e-mailing us about: balance. Luckily, all the species are balanced so far. The predator has great weapons and jump ability while the aliens can be extremely stealthy with an incredible agility combined with the fact that they can cling to walls and create havoc from the environment and lighting. The marine, however, seems at a slight disadvantage, but it is nothing that the films have not taught us: disadvantage can be an advantage, even for marines. Marines can use their willpower and own innate reflective to fight off the others.

Aliens vs. Predator is going to arrive February 2010, and we will see more of it soon.

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