Final Fantasy X-2 Review

Final Fantasy X-2 Review

The release of Final Fantasy X-2 is notable and novel not only because it’s a sequel to a sequel (oddly enough), but also because it is, in fact, the first time Square has broken tenet and continued the storyline of an entry in its most hallowed RPG series. This experimenting of delving into the sequel scene from Square, maybe does not live upto some of the expectations avid fans were hoping for after successful Final Fantasy games paving the way before this but it still provides a solid game with interesting gmaeplay elements.

It’s two years after the defeat of Sin, and the fabled Eternal Calm has come to Spira. Though the constant threat of attack is gone, this new-found peace is made uneasy by competition between rival factions, each vying to bring Spira’s new era under its own control. Amid these predicaments, Yuna is still as thoughtful as ever, but she’s traded in her robes by joining the Gullwings, a trio of ’sphere hunters’ that includes FF X Rikku and a Paine, a new fighter.

Together, the three girls are exploring the land of Spira in search of spheres, which are video-recording devices that document the history of the world. Sphere hunting is all the rage in Spira, so the Gullwings will have a fair amount of competition right from the beginning of the game. In true Final Fantasy style, the storyline soon grows to encompass a world-threatening danger, and you’ll get caught up in the political turmoil between competing factions. FF X fans will find the references to the previous game’s story and characters heartening rather than joking, and by the final hours of the game the story will al come together and make sense as it joins to what happens in Final Fantasy X and leaves the player feeling complete and satisfied. It was worth the wait.

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