FIFA Soccer 2012 Review: Dynamic Realism

FIFA Soccer 2012 is back and with a vengeance from its 2011 counterpart, which was impressive as much as it was crisp in visuals and gameplay. FIFA 2012 brings back the skills of the team-gameplay coordination with newer realistic animations, engaging online modes, and finally a presentation style that is still iconic regardless of any problems the game mechanics itself has. The formula has been tried, tested, and proven and Electronic Arts really felt the need to keep to the same formula. Whether or not this was a great decision is meant to be seen.

Gameplay has changed to implement systems that are uncompromising on the in-field gameplay. Control is the key in FIFA 2012, and this control remains solid through the field from offense to the goal and the main modes. Campaign mode consists of Career mode, which is usually the straightforward mode for FIFA 2011 and this year in 2012. Play as a manager and manage the team playbook or play as a player looking for the right kind of fame, it can all be yours if you play right and win big. Precision dribbling makes use of adaptive touch lines that provide a realistic grasp of the ball, tighter especially if there is a man on the defense ready for a takeout. The newer tactical defending system changes the gameplay, even if not substantially greater than FIFA Soccer 2011. Defense has been moved from the face buttons to actual timing response, allowing tackles and movement of body weight. This change is simple, but is undoubtedly tremendous in the way it is approached. There is a level of believability to the players in the opposition as well as tactical approach. They dodge realistically, and you can tear at their shirts and even risk a few flags by the referee.  A newer physics system is also the all-star to the whole gameplay mechanic – providing a level of unmatched precedence in football realism. Pile tackle stacks are real, even if some of them are glitched a little bit; the action is constantly engaging in these physical realities that the game conveys accurately at most times. The best feature of FIFA 2012 is perhaps the addition of specific players with a feature that is still in development: Face Creator. Electronic Arts took a face mold and personally created a likely representation of one of me which looked absolutely fantastic (minus changeable frizzy hair) for an uncompromising quality and realism to the game. This feature is still being fine-tuned by the developers, but can be used now by regular users and just requires a camera. With just a few key improvements to their engine, Electronic Arts has created an addicting soccer experience. Should any worldwide players with retail copies want to play as me, I am available as a hard-to-get/playable reward from the EA Ultimate Team game mode through Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

Online in FIFA 2012 has advanced beyond 2011 in a meaningful way, even if the single-player remains to traditional modes and tournament competition. Online Friendlies is finally a feature demanded by many FIFA veteran players where friends can play with the casual ease and still remain a competitive edge through trophy awards. This is simply the best system to date, as it keeps players out of league rankings but allows for that same experience. Electronic Arts has really done a great job to make this happen, taking it all further with EA Sports Football Club. This suite of a club allows experience points be tracked and allow people to support real-life teams preference in the league ranking tables, which are reset every week for the competition regardless of fan count for smaller fan-club teams.  Online mode in FIFA 2012 is lively and continues to bring the wonderful features of single-player to the main online gaming interactions of people around the world.

FIFA Soccer 2012 is an impenetrable soccer game and perhaps one of the best ones currently on the market. While it keeps some of the same formulas as previous titles, it still manages to create an experience that changes in its subtle nuance through animations, realism, and physics quality. FIFA Soccer 2012 kicks the ball to the field, and it is up to players to make that goal.

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