Fight My Alien – AvP Preview GC 2009

GamesCom previewed some Aliens vs Predator multiplayer today which was quite the delicate surprise.

Single-player might make this game, but one of the biggest features involves the multiplayer for Aliens vs Predator. The multiplayer provided us with a look into a number of modes that pit three races at the same time under one world or environment similar to the single-player experience. The alien remains very fast and agile as before, while having the ability to make close quarter attacks. The Predator still remains the cloaking monster we have seen so far before and can use gadgets to advance his claim on the world while also platform jumping around. Finally, the marine spawns with no weapons in hand, and has to scavenge for them – giving a thrill rather than a disadvantage. The marine class does come with a large group of assault rifles and grenade launchers, in addition to shotguns from two barrels with one shot and a gun that can auto-aim.

AvP offers multiple game modes including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch that is similar to the sandbox linear path of killing enemies. While players can be on their own teams, certain Mixed Species modes can allow an Alien and a Predator to work together to create an interesting turn of events for the two species that once fought everytime they met. Rebellion clearly did this for the fans that are not complaining anymore. The infestation mode is perhaps the best mode to cover in this preview. Infestation was simply fun. As a zombie-similar mode, Infestation begins with one alien and other marines that soon become Aliens themselves if they get killed. The resulting completion includes a last-man standing with all aliens everywhere. Simply genius and it plays as well as the controls are schemed.

We simply cannot wait for Aliens vs Predator to come out so we can try more of it ourselves in a dark room with our 10.1 speaker setups in our HQ offices.

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