Final Fantasy XI Review

FF XI Review

Final Fantasy XI is not a new game but it is a new MMO for PS2. The new PS2 version of the game is identical, to the point where you can freely transfer your player character between the different versions of the game. Yet while it is the same Final Fantasy XI, the context is completely different. Despite the fact that the PC gaming market is oversaturated with massively multiplayer online role-playing games, many PS2 owners have never experienced such a game before. The PC is the better platform for Final Fantasy XI, and to properly enjoy it on your PS2, you will need to pay $100 for the PS2 hard disk drive (the game comes included) and $40 for a PS2 network adapter if you do not already have one. Plus you will need a USB keyboard hooked up to your console to communicate with other players. On top of this, Final Fantasy XI is a time-consuming game that requires monthly fees associated with it.  For some players, the unique experience that Final Fantasy XI provides is worth the money, and time.

Go into this game with the right expectations knowing that this is a time-consuming game that takes a while to get into and you will find in Final Fantasy XI a different-enough experience on the online role-playing genre that the experience can end up being great. And since the world of the game is already filled with dedicated players who mostly seem to be enjoying the game rather than complaining about its problems, the tone of the experience of Final Fantasy XI is ultimately more uplifting than that of most other, similar games. As such, if you enjoy online role-playing, then you’d do well to try out Final Fantasy XI, which might just pull you away from your previous time-sink of choice. Alternatively, if you’re a Final Fantasy fan who’s looking for an excuse to give online role-playing a try with this game, by all means go for it, though proceed with caution.

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