Final Fantasy XV Review: A Bit Good A Bit So-So

Final Fantasy XV has taken a decade to get here (seriously). It took forever. So was the wait worth it? Eh, not entirely.

The graphics are easily some of the best we have ever seen so far. What I absolutely hate is the combat. The vistas and boss battles are larger than life – but the rest falls short. Combat has become real time, which I don’t mind at all unlike a lot of die-hard fans. Sadly, it just feels one-note. Choose a move, pop a potion, attack. Very little interaction between the 4 protagonists (Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and¬†Gladiolus) makes it interesting despite their different talents outside of combat. Think of it like a traditional MMORPG – where Gladiolus could be the Tank, Ignis could be buff, Prompto could be support, and Noctis can be DPS/damage. It just doesn’t play that way and they all seem equally matched – so it kind of blands out in a weird fashion.

Storyline is incredible after following the Prologue film Sony also did. But as you all know – I refuse to cover storyline in my reviews because it would simply spoil stuff. So, we skip that here too as I can’t really cover it in a way for this one that wouldn’t ruin it.

Gameplay wise – the star is free-roam. That’s it. Bottom line – the free roam strengthens the invigoration of every character in Final Fantasy XV. Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus all shine brightly in the storyline and the cute little camp-outs they can have. It’s exciting to roam around in this camaraderie of brothers, and this is where Final Fantasy XV hold on to a 8 and higher score for me and many other critics. It’s nostalgic but at the same time pushing boundaries.

Towards the end of the title, they let go of this free-roam which I feel is a big mistake. It’s one of the things I’m surprised they chose to do personally, and would have loved if they kept it open-world entirely rather than a half-baked cake.

Final Fantasy XV is a solid Final Fantasy iteration, but one that has its fair share of problems that make it a bit “so-so.” Hard to tell someone not to buy it, but it’s even harder speaking with stunning anticipation over making them purchase it.




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