Fire Emblem: Awakening Review – The Brilliance Of Time Travel

Fire Emblem: Awakening is all about strategy at an undeniable sense of cataclysmic activity which leaves gamers in a sense of wanting more. Strategy/RPG is so hard to get correctly with some games that it has become an art form on its own, one which Fire Emblem: Awakening takes into a refined level of old-school meeting new-school thought. The combat is tactful, the A.I. is smart, the vengeance of battle is swift and the unrelenting force of it is even greater.

Fire Emblem: Awakening’s storyline focuses on Prince Chrom of the Halidom of Ylisse where the times of war have ravaged the area. When Plegia begins to act disingenuous, Chrom sends in the Shpherds – a band of soldiers – to keep the country from panicking. Suddenly the Risen plague the lands which leads to the real protagonist that players assume the role of: the Avatar – who has woken up in the middle of a desolate field with no memory of the past. Joining Chrom and his forces, The Avatar and the Shepherds act on prophecy to prevent a force of power from awakening and ravaging the lands in the future. It is the forces of Chrom versus the ticking of time to prevent a horrible fat. Fire Emblem: Awakening’s storyline starts off slightly dull, but then picks up closer to the mid-sequence and the plot twists towards the end.

A great combat system more than make up for the plot’s shortcomings, allowing players a tactical turn based combat with skillful A.I. The game comes with a class system where each class has different skills and strengths, one which The Avatar has the ability to change readily for his role. Players can combine with allies using the Dual System mechanic that allows two adjacent allies or Pair Up units to team up in battle. This feature creates an unforgettable dynamic during battle and is further supported by certain characters forming relationships and then having children which can also later fight in battle. This sort of combination leaves many possibilities open for winning or losing and keeps players on the edge of the battlefield.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is a 3DS title which not only has beautiful graphics, but incredibly exceptional gameplay in the realm of turn based tactical role-playing games. While the storyline is a bit on the weaker side, the combination of the package is excellent for its price. It is time to help Chrom and his forces, and play Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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