Firmware 2.4 Preview A-Go

Yeah yeah, we are getting to it. Everyone has begged for in-game soundtracks, and in-game XMB ever since the launch of the PS3 back in 2006, and it is finally here. No more fake blurry videos with a dude trying to show off his “dev” skills on a standard definition. Notice to all idiots out there, if you’re going to waste time out of your apparently busy lives, at least make fake blurs on HDTV.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. About time =D!

  2. Thank the gods. A clear video finally

  3. I agree. Why do they try at such a lame effort to fake videos when my dieng cat can do it better?

    bbflynn replied on June 7th, 2008 7:23 PM:

    Your cat is dieng? But yeah I agree

  4. Thank you Sony for custom soundtracks! Got so tired of old game shit :)

  5. That’s what I’m talking about!

  6. Great stuff

  7. About damn time they did something with that last SPU haha

  8. Took the lame asses long enough

  9. Couldnt come at a better time. When I least care.

  10. PC did this in the 90’s. PS3 is doing it now. Play B3yond haha

  11. If only this had 4 GB RAM. Haha

  12. The day I got the PS3, it made my 360 collect dust. Got it when Ratchet and Clank came out. Which is totally awesome. Did I mention that?

  13. Great

  14. finally. TOok them long enough

  15. PS3 Graphics are extraordinary. And to see In-Game XMB now, that’s some serious competition

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