Foxcatcher Review: The Tragic Story of David Schultz


Foxcatcher has just been released, which is a film starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, and lastly Sienna Miller.  Directed by Bennett Miller (Capote), Foxcatcher is filled with intensely awkward moments, suspense, and a storyline that plays out very slow and quietly.

The story of Foxcatcher is based on a true story where an Olympic Wrestling winner Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) is hired by reclusive millionaire John Du Pont (Steve Carell) to join Team Foxcatcher in order to achieve his goal of honoring the nation’s real heroes in the sport of wrestling. Wrestling is shown as a dying form of pride and nationalism throughout the movie, as MMA starts to take over in a tumultuous time for Mark Schultz. Not akin to the horse-racing and breeding his mother is known for, John du Pont wants to honor the heroes of the nation who he believes to be wrestlers, or so it seems. The acting is tremendous by Steve Carell as this almost unusual and unorthodox character, and the tension builds up through the film as you see the distance between John and Schultz grow. Eventually David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) is brought in to set the team on a winning path, and things spiral downwards from there. Foxcatcher is an intimate look into something that really happened and is sadly very unusual and bleak. Unfortunately the storyline ends up being too slow in terms of its pacing, and a lot of the reasons behind John Du Pont’s insanity is shortened down to a point where the audience is confused as to potential reasons documented for a tragic event.

Foxcatcher is a decent movie, even if its pacing is incredibly slow and its character development suffers from being something more memorable.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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