Games Make Kids Angry…Right

The Blame Gamers First crowd is relentless in their attacks. The BGF released a study recently claiming that video games are a cause behind aggressive and antisocial behavior. Where in the hell do they get that idea?!

……Ok, that’s one point for the BGF crowd. But these people aren’t smart enough to stop while they’re ahead. To prove a point, Dr P K Khattri tells an interesting story.

Few days back, a jackal abducted an infant in Lucknow. Later, when the child was freed from the grasp of the animal, it was observed that some of his habits were similar to that of the jackal. This was because of the time he spent with the jackal. Whatever an adolescent learns in his informative years has quite a long lasting effect on his mind.

See, a few days living with wolves…or whatever instantly overrode everything the child’s parents taught it. Speaking of which, where the **** were the kid’s parents? If the kid grows up to be an depressed emo psycho killer, it’s not the jackal’s fault. Just the mere fact that the kid is still alive seems to prove that jackals are competent parents. However, one mother speaks out:

Now a days, it is quite common to see children imitating the action of wrestlers and their animated game heroes. This shows gradual mingling of delinquency in the behavior of kids. Violence on television and video games are on a boom, and it should be banned as soon as possible.

Here’s a thought, what if video games aren’t responsible for angry children. What if blame were put, and this is purely hypothetical, on the parents instead? Shouldn’t they be responsible for rearing their kids?… Nah, that’s just crazy talk.

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