Gaming Soars In February!

It seems that nothing can hold gaming back. Not even the month of February, which saw a 34% sales increase in video game sales. Wow! Cue the chiming chorus. Sales of video game hardware and software combined summed up a total of $1.33 billion in February, a total gain of 34% in comparison to last year. That means a lot of sleepless nights for that more people in February spending endless hours recharging their mana, or chucking the Wii-mote at someone.

Overall, the Wii was still the best-selling console through the sales of 432,000 units, humiliatingly dominated the PS3 and 360, which probably does not come as much of a surprise to anyone. The very lovely NPD analyst Anita Frazier said in a statement:

“With several marquee titles still to come in the front half of the year, the industry is poised to achieve another year of record-breaking sales despite difficult economic conditons.”

Software sales boomed to 47% every February yearly and hardware trudged behind with 19%. For more good news, there are now 34% more gamers in our midst to engage in competition with the next time you’re playing CoD 4! What if there wasn’t 34% more? What would happen to the gaming world as we know it? Probably lesser losses to incur.

USA Today: Video Game Sales Jump 34%

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