GC 2008: Afrika Multiplayer Details + No Europe/America Release Confirmed

We received some exclusive details at GC 2008 regarding Sony’s exclusive safari photo adventure for the PlayStation 3 console. The sad news is that it is pretty much a given that the title will not be making a debut to Europe especially America anytime soon or ever.

Afrika will not be releasing in Europe or America as it is currently planned. –Sony Representative, Todd Bäcker

The good news?

The game developers, Rhino Studios, are working on planning future content that will allow the Japanese players to jump in with a friend in the Safari world of Afrika. Anyone who is in Japan and has this game will be able to explore the world of Afrika with a friend, without the need for Home when it is functional. Any player can drive and the other can take pictures or both can take pictures. One player can just walk around while the other is taking a picture, or be swerving in a jeep around the area for an extreme shot. Either way, Afrika is looking to be one very unique and adventurous title that’s a confirmed Japan only release from GC 2008. In the future, anything can happen.

For now: This one is for you Japan.

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