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We are all extremely busy with events. David is at IDF, and the rest of us on the EU side are in Germany for the Leipzig Games Convention 2008. Currently we got a scorching interview with David Cage, founder of French studio Quantic Dream. Take it away guys.

WhatIfGaming: Hey, David. Nice seeing you again after E3. How are things?

David Cage: Thanks. Glad to see you guys here too actually. Was great speaking with you all briefly at the Sony room.

WhatIfGaming: Always a pleasure, but let’s get down to the main Q&A as we know you’re a busy guy.

David Cage: Haha. Okay, sure.

WhatIfGaming: Everyone knows what Heavy Rain is by now, the PS3 exclusive title that’s similar to Indigo Prophecy in the amount of aesthetic realism of emotions that are shown. The small clip from E3 that was shown to the public for the first time here today really captured our hearts again, especially with a 2nd viewing. How do you guys feel about the positive reaction so far?

David Cage: Well, there are two things. Ever since we showed a technical demo of Heavy Rain back in 2006, it was really WOW-ed by not just you guys but also the mass public as well. In a way it’s a surprise but it’s also just very obvious to us. We’ve been working hard on it and it’s going to be a real treat for gamers come mid-2009.

WhatIfGaming: The main protagonist is Madison, who apparently will have some sort of a lead detective role in the still very mysterious game and the storyline of the Origami Killer. How did the idea spring from Quantic Dream to step up the interactive storytelling element in a newer plane? Did Indigo Prophecy’s success play a strong part in it?

DC: What primarily interests me is the performance for an actor, and how it really translates into something like a video game. It’s not easy, and that’s always the sort of thing I aim for. Luckily not you guys, but a lot of publications that don’t understand what we’re doing constantly try to come back to the idea of realism behind Heavy Rain. But it is not that. It’s more than that to create something technological and good at the same time. Indigo Prophecy does lead us into a sort of branch with Heavy Rain, but it’s a completely different game and we’re making it as different.

David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.


  1. You guys really packed in the questions. Thanks!

  2. Really cool interview. i liked it A LOT.

  3. :-D. Intense interview <3 No burning the interviewer?! Awww :(

  4. As amazing as that would have been to burn him like others, there really isn’t much to go on.

    Really fuck–ng cool interview. Some new details in there O.O

    PCEnthusiast replied on August 20th, 2008 10:28 PM:

    definitely interested

  5. I hope everyone who is saying this will be the best game ever has played Indigo Prophecy (developed by Quantic Dream) all the way through. Hopefully they will do a better job with this game. Indigo Prophecy started out really awesome, but by the end all of the QTEs were tedious, the story turned to crap, and the game was just not interesting or fun

  6. It looks really good and all, but I dont know about the whole “interactive movie” concept. I understand thats not exactly whats its supposed to be. I just think that video games are meant to be played, not watched.

  7. It makes me wish I got the PS3 at launch. The 360 is great, but the current library is definitely lacking with “amazing” games. When you’re stuck playing XBLA games on a regular basis, it’s not a good sign. 😀

  8. Yeah, I agree, games like Halo and Resistance don’t really do it for me. In my opinion, the FPS genre is overrated.

  9. I would assume that they’ve created a branching alternative to any scene where a character could possibly die. If that were the case, a character would die, that chapter would end, you switch over to another character, and the others death would tie in to the overall plot.

  10. Seeing as this is being published by Sony, I would imagine it will remain exclusive. :) Any how, this looks like the PS3’s answer to “Alan Wake” (or vice-versa).

  11. Wow. that looks AMAZING. this is what i love about Sony. They continue to help push innovation into videogames. As much as i like my xbox 360 too, they have no creativity at all. Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Afrika, MGS4…even the PSN games like Garden of Eden or Echochrome are amazingly unique. Theres no other experience more engaging or beautiful than playing games on the PS3

  12. omfg this sounds and looks amazing. Must have been hard to write about this because this game goes into the most little detail. I really want to try this. Hope to see more news, cant wait!

  13. I have refused to buy a PS3 up to this point because of lack of good games..
    Well, needless to say, a PS3 will now be being purchased by me very, very soon.
    I cannot wait for this game!

  14. I hope everyone who is saying this will be the best game ever has played Indigo Prophecy (developed by Quantic Dream) all the way through.

  15. this is the gaming experience gamers everywhere have been waiting for
    Quantic Dream is sure taking a step in the right direction

  16. What i REALLY hope, is once the reviews come out for the title (and the game receives obvious attention from people outside the Game Industry), that they (both Game Journalists and others) don’t start throwing “This is more then a game”, “this is not a game”, “its an interactive movie” around, or terms like “interactive fiction” etc, in a pathetic bid to justify the emotional, artistic, and technical capacity of what is obviously just a stunning masterpiece of a Game.

  17. nice interview richard

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