Fracture Multiplayer GC 2008: For The Drooling

Fracture Team

Fracture is one tumultous, earth shattering, mind numbing game in the best sense. Having played it at E3 previously, we loved it and so did 1,000 other industry specialists to nominate it for several of our Best of E3 Awards Prize. Fracture features a world which can dynamically change according to what the user does to it. Nothing goes as far as to dent just a texture, but the entire scope of reality is bent along with merciless player combat.

LucasArts, the developer of Fracture (FYI for those of you under a rock), has revealed to us multiplayer details regarding the game and several weapons. The self-explanatory modes with 12 people supported online are:

  • Free For All: Free For All! Do anything.
  • Capture The Flag: Capture the flag with lava in middle
  • Break In: Break into a base of a team inside a huge building structure.
  • Excavation: Spikes give points per team. Team with most points at end wins.
David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.


  1. Looks really good. Thanks Richard

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