Gears of War 3 Epic Edition Review: Brothers To The End Of A Legacy – Sacrifice Eternally

Gears of War 3 passes down a legacy in the long-awaited trilogy of the Gears franchise, completing one of the best third-person shooter franchises in history.  Operation: Hollow Storm brought an alluvion of hope, aiming to end the 15 year-long war with the Locust forces. Unfortunately, this Operation failed to decimate the Lambent and Locust forces, keeping the world of Sera in the brim grips of a constant strife. Gears of War 3 coalesces fluid gameplay mechanics with detailed destruction, meticulously rampant action, and sleek visuals to create the final title of a series that is powerful as much as it is defining. The level of quality has dramatically improved since Gears of War 2, the multiplayer is purely, excitingly fun while the cinematic direction is stunning. Gears of War 3 creates an indelible legacy that is sure to be remembered for a long time through the triumphalism of Marcus Phoenix, and the remembrance of the heroes that have kept mankind’s existence from plummeting to a dim fate.

Gears of War 3 eighteen months after Operation: Hollow Storm; the former COG team is trying to live out their lives anyway they can before their life is turned upside down. Marcus Fenix, Anya Stroud, and Dominic Santiago have all bravely performed their duties during the major events of Gears of War; Gears of War 2. Now, after Vectes, they are aiming to settle into an amount of normalcy in their lives on the naval Raven’s Nest, a large ship made from three dilapidated COG ships, including the CNV Sovereign, and an Imulsion substance foundation.  Lambent and Locust Horde are still rampant to a level, killing the summer Sera skies with a threat that was unforeseen in the sinking of Jacinto.  As the end of the credits radio transmission within Gears of War 2 foresaw, the seemingly positive deluge at Jacinto only unleashed a devastation yet to be seen.  Karen Traviss, with experience writing the Gears novels and taking over the subsequent comics, has created a more impacting and action intensive Gears of War universe.  Gears of War 3’s storyline is perfectly crafted and the narration between transition scenes creates a level of allegorical landscaping that is as fresh as it is grimacing with hopelessness.

Gears of War 3 is a testament from Epic Games, one which breaks out with more vigor than ever before, giving into the last testament of not just a legendary protagonist, but a story which has taken years to end. The single-player gameplay design tenant holds true to the core values of run and gun gameplay. With this gameplay style, the corridor shooter of Gears of War introduced a cover system that was new and revitalizing with a perspective that was dynamic and relatively close quarters in detailed gore and locust swarms. Gears of War 2 carried this tradition, but had some problems with a lack of action core throughout acts but one with a revitalizing energy in the combat system with martyrdom options and reflexive movement after takedowns. Gears of War 3 takes combat to a refined level, decisively contriving the best combat system the Gears of War franchise has ever seen in its design. Cover mechanics are the same, but the increased animations make everything more nuanced.  Players can now kick anyone behind cover on top of the more enhanced versions of execution takedowns. Players can now also exchange weapons, making the need for constancy of fight a prevailing concept. Combat is everything in the battlefield, and the number of thrills to be had in a story about prevalence and redeeming Sera is endless.

Gears of War 3 heralds a multiplayer experience which defines the cumulative vision of Xbox Live matchmaking and group parties. It may not be as innovative in terms of the final title of the series, but the power of solidity in the cohesiveness of the experience remains. Four player campaign cooperative mode, along with female Gears, creates the unison in the slogan of Brothers till the end, no matter the gender.  The cooperative mode experiences continue to five player cooperative modes including Horde Mode and relatively contrasting Beast Mode, where the waves of enemies create a level of vigorous action. Horde Mode essentially extends from Gears of War 2, adding newer upgrades and challenge unlocks as players battle enemies. Beast Mode allows players to play as Locusts while fighting human soldiers defiant to the locust cause, including the Delta team making appearances.  Tokens can be earned killing soldiers, and then players are able to upgrade to specific classes of Locust. Rank classes include Wretch, Kantus, Drone, Mauler, and finally a Berkserker. Each type of class has specific abilities, and this level of customization is a great addition in adding a level of pseudo-humanity to the opposition. Gears of War 3 includes multiplayer features traditional and new, while giving fans of the long-standing series the conclusive multiplayer experience for one of the most enticing franchises created on the Xbox 360 platform.

Sacrifice is something people see as valiantly bold, something to be admired and cherished through generations. Whether it is considered small or big, sacrifice has many forms. Delta Squad has seen its sacrifices throughout the Gears of War franchise, and tribulations of every member were shown throughout the years. Gears of War 3 finally finishes the last few words on the page of a chronicle where the 15 year war is coming to a dramatic closure, as Marcus Fenix himself faces the greatest challenge of all time: he will show everyone the real meaning of sacrifice even if the world seems truculent, and especially when all odds are against the fate of Sera no matter how big or small. Fate alone will not write out Marcus Fenix, instead Marcus Fenix will write out fate for his brothers to the end.

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