General, Don’t Go That Way!

“The Sneaking Mission mode is being added,” a Kojima dev tells us in person. In addition to the mode you all know and love, the core assets are the same, but they’ve made some changes for Metal Gear Online. There is no certain goal anymore since Snakes objective is collecting dog tags, with help from his handy Octocam. Take it a step further and somebody can even control the Metal Gear Mk.II to assist snake in the action. What’s more? There are 2 teams trying to kill Snake in the end, and if they don’t kill Snake enough times before the match is done, whoever kills the other team more ends up winning. How will all this chaos be jam packed we ask? “An extensive online matchmaking system will be part of it.” added our dev friend.

Currently, the starter pack includes 5 maps, but MGO will get expansion packs in the future, and will feature new maps, models, and a variety of weapons aside from the standard. Oh goody.

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