Gibson Wants You Harmonix And MTV Games…Wants To Sue You!

I guess it would be better if Gibson made more sharp guitars and make something magical for Harmonix and MTV Games to make something of, but there will not be magic here. Oh no. There will be fire, dragons that eat all sorts of things, people biting each others heads off, and a fuckton of cash.

After smacking Activision with a suit for breaching a 1999 patent, Gibson decided to take off their belt and let loose a suit to cover developer Harmonix and publisher MTV games for Rock Band and all the pre-Harmonix Guitar Hero games.

At the center of this suit is a Gibson patent (referred to as Patent 405) protecting:

Technology used to simulate a musical performance.

As known, Activision basically stated that what Gibson is doing is complete bullshank. Followed by the common “How dare they!” and the connection of interfering with the relationship between their company and consumers.

But, what does Gibson have to say about now suing Harmonix and MTV Games?

Gibson Guitar had made good faith efforts to enter into a patent license agreement with the defendants in this case. The defendants have not responded in a timely manner with an intent to enter into negotiations for a patent license agreement. Gibson Guitar had no alternative but to bring the suit, and it will continue to protect its intellectual property rights against any and all infringing persons.

It would seem that if someone over at Harmonix and MTV Games didn’t put Gibson on hold, this wouldn’t have happened. Unless, It would have still happened. Gibson can smell the guitars being made from all this potential cash flow. Rock on Gibson! We mean…sue on! But, we will also rock with you with our Gibson Les Paul’s.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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