God of War: Ascension Review – Shattered Kratos

Kratos fails in this latest adventure to capture the same remnants of the God of War series. The action is mediocre and the thrills are close to irrelevant, but there is some solid action to be had in this latest offering for God of War fans that is in the realm of Greek moderate adventure.

God of War III begins as a prequel and we will not spoil the story here. To cut a long story short, Kratos is a mortal man who has recently lost his wife and kids and wants to avenge them. But there is nothing about the Gods here. Nothing with Zeus or Ares, but the Furies who punish those that break blood oaths with the Gods. Kratos is in a prison where he breaks his blood oath with Ares and this is where the action takes off. But it does not take flight for long as the plot development is just weaker than previous titles, and

The combat in God of War: Ascension is primarily button-mashing and the inventory variety has been replaced with actual blade identity abilities. Kratos’ Blades of Chaos can freeze enemies or burn them to a crisp, and this is a nice addition in terms of the combat variety as Kratos can learn to use up to four magical abilities, the Ice of Poseidon, Fires of Ares, the Lightning of Zeus, and the Soul of Hades which can also imbue the Blades of Chaos with each specific elemental property. Aside from that, Rage of Gods returns and is a mode which sees Kratos in a blood rage after accruing massive kills similar to most hack-and-slash titles.

Multiplayer in God of War: Ascension is a great new addition with eight-player online multiplayer mode but is not vital in terms of experience rewards and advancement. There are four multiplayer modes: Team Favor of the Gods, Match of Champions, Trial of the Gods, and Capture the Flag. The “signature” multiplayer mode is Team Favor of the Gods. Two teams of two to four players—Spartans versus Trojans—try to accumulate a target amount of points in order to claim victory. Points, known as Favor, are earned by kills and other methods. When players are not on the offensive, they may help their team earn points by capturing altars, collecting orbs, and more. Most of the rewards are generous, and multiplayer is more of a ‘fun’ addition than something taken seriously in terms of God identity. The multiplayer structural design centers on having a character that takes a blood oath to a specific God and is granted powers in that way. Style becomes a great part of the play and as such it is the only thing which is really useful other than combat.

God of War: Ascension is a decent title but fails on a lot of fronts in terms of storyline and creativity in the gameplay puzzle-pieces and more. God of War: Ascension provides moderate action but leaves Kratos as only a former image of himself.

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