God of War III Preview: Kratos Goes Roar

God of War III E3 09 PreviewGod of War III is a highly anticipated title that PlayStation owners have been looking forward to for more than 2 years and finally their requests and pleas have been answered to revive this mythological tale of Kratos, a God of War that sought to end the life of Zeus in the 2nd iteration. The third God of War will finally end this bitter feud that was left unresolved from God of War II.

God of War III E3 09 Preview

We were there to get hands on gameplay at the showcase floor. The menu screen greeted us with a snarling angry Kratos, simply huffing and puffing his lungs out in his hatred. Eventually pressing start delved right into the action. Winged beasts on fire and soldiers can be seen fleeing for their lives. Eventually, Kratos is left to discover why all of this is happening. The quick-action prompts have been desultory to the action at the center back from the February event, and have been moved to the prospective sides of the screen. Circle appears to the left, X on the bottom, and the rest follow.

Kratos executes his moves almost identically like he did in God of War I and II, but there was definitely more weight to his shoulders. As a result of increased physics and motion capture graphics, the response of Kratos felt more realistic. The lighting and shading have also vastly improved to the effulgence of players – highlighting every stroke of Kratos’ shiny new details.

God of War III E3 09 Preview

God of War III looks exceptionally promising, and we cannot wait to have a review for it come this March, 2010.

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