God of War III Review – The End Is Only Chaos

If all those on Olympus would deny him his vengeance, then all of Olympus will die. The God of War returns in the hell of the world that he has forged for himself. While Kratos has always been washing himself with blood and taking down revenge upon the God’s that plague him of nightmares, he finds a new world entirely with God of War III. The brutality feels more in-depth than ever before, as the new game engine provides unforgettable and aristocratic realism that is demanded for a storyline of such a magnitude. Sony Santa Monica Studio has created the best thaumaturgic ending to the God of War franchise, revitalizing itself through simplicity of the gameplay mechanic, providing an incredible journey with a storyline delved into traditional Greek mythology, and giving new meaning to the histrionic lullaby of carnage and vengeance.

The sting of the past has not left Kratos. After being briefly killed by his father, Zeus, at the beginning of God of War II, Kratos is fulfilling his promise and making sure Zeus will pay. The quest of vengeance is just the beginning and the End has arrived. While the storyline is simply befitting of the pages that came before in God of War and God of War II, there is a slight repetition to the nuance of how the tale is told. Essentially, Kratos goes far above sadistic reprisal that makes the relationship with the character more real in terms of the storyline and atmospheric setting in the roots of Greek Mythos. The storyline is undeniably immutable in the powerful display of vengeance, while carnage is the catharsis to which it ends.

Combat is the essence and tool through which vengeance is justly served in abstruse world of God of War III. While the combat has not changed dramatically from the ancestors, the changes and customizable tweaks are like comparing the Blades of Chaos to a letter opener. New moves are abundant that add a variety to the combat than just the typical swing-style stack up points. Enemy variety is dramatically enhanced with bigger and more detailed enemy types authentic to the Greek mythology.  Large-scale battles are far from few, and the magic meter makes things vastly interesting for the third iteration. Enemies can be latched on and techniques with the variety of weapons allow Kratos to be at the foothold of the battle.

God of War III takes illustrious brutality of each scene within the storyline to provide an experience that is just not simply traversing a level and watching a cutscene. There are more weapons for the gameplay to be refreshing and lively. Throughout the course of the chapters, Kratos will strive towards unlocking foru unique death tools that can be used as an alternative to the Blades of Exile. Switching between various weapons is fluid and creates a more stylized realism dynamic within the interaction between enemies and the like. The amount of detail inexorably changes the pacing of the game from thrilling to adventurous and the defense comes alive more. Defense can counter a retaliatory hit towards any enemy that is foolish enough to come towards Kratos with a simple sword and shield.  The timing feels more real, while the precision within the controls creates a perfect structure to saw through bone and flesh easily to a rewarding degree. God of War III is clearly not a simple hack and slash, and manages to combine great combat and weapon variety in addition to the stunning atmosphere of the Greek setting and the words of the narrative to create an enigmatic and crimson journey that is nothing more than sanguinary.

God of War III clearly takes a delicate balance between attacks and also level design with puzzles that can be more than just an annoying filler-space concept. Puzlles involve pushings boxes and navigating through certain difficult challenges from mazes to created different pathways that can disappear and symbols to uncover. Luckily, God of War III uses puzzles lightly, and creates an environmental design where puzzles are not relentlessly hard to complete or too easy to be pointless. The experience remains focused on the combat, despite being more predictable at some areas of the game.

God of War III takes the thematic tension of violence and fuses it within the environment’s massive depth of scale factor to be simply stunning both visually and aesthetically. The grisly violence within the quest of vengeance and retributions provides a subtle tone of a more realistic and less massive scale tone that is easy to recognize. Kratos slashes his way through a large scene where one minute he can be deciding on how to solve a puzzle to unleash his fury, and the next minute he can be taking out a god in a boss battle that is as difficult as it is massive. The massive scale is used precisely to focus in on the battle, and Kratos is not completely dominant over every enemy, making God of War III more than just a game that suffers from Protagonist Dominant Syndrome (PDS), where the protagonist is clearly too powerful for the enemy but there is a lack of logic and lack of balance with different enemy types. The level of bloodshed and labyrinthine beauty are results of both the parapsychological and enscorcelled narrative that sheds a light on harsh and realistic imagery of chaos and devastation.

God of War III creates a journey that is well deserved to be titled the cathartic ending to a series that has won over an audience that loved Greek Mythology and subtle themes that surpass more than just simple violence and devastation. Through an incredible storyline, balanced level design, and moreover stunning visual depth of field and realism, God of War III provides a stunning experience that is sophisticated and marvelous. From the pages of the story, to the sand on the battlefield, to the music in the air with blood and glory, God of War III reveals the marvel of history and tale of redemption to end with a decisive note in a grand symphony.

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