God of War Review: Spartan

God of War Review

God of War is the first game I can say is pure and utter quality. God of War takes vengeance, sets it against the line of ancient Greek mythology, and transforms it into an action adventure that is bloody, gruesome, exhilirating, stylish, and simply recapturing high quality persona. Action adventure games always freaking put the puzzles in. They always overdo puzzles and just can’t stop. Not God of War. Instead, it blends these two equally important parts with a flare. This is one of the best action adventure games on any console, and one to buy. Call me on that. Put it on record. Believe it.


I need Kratos to kick some butt

…intense god crushing action

…something with Greek Mythos



I want

less puzzles


God of War centers on the screwed up life that is Kratos, a muscular Spartan warrior who is ready to kill himself at the beginning of the game, citing that the gods of Olympus have abandoned him. He throws himself off the tallest mountain in Greece plummeting to doom, but an elderly narrator cuts the scene of Kratos’ death before he gets squished short and tells us of how things had not always been so troubling for Kratos all this time. Enter three weeks ago Kratos, on a wrecked ship in the middle of the Aegean Sea, fighting his way through undead warriors and multiheaded hydra in the chaos of battle. Though the story begins here, you will not learn much about Kratos until quite a bit later in the game.

Kratos might have an unforgiving demeanor, but he’s very endearing. Kratos is a very tough warrior in battle, carrying a pair of axelike blades called the “blades of chaos.” These blades are a part of Kratos thanks to chains that are severed into his skin cavity. The basic attacks consist of swirl and pounce attacks. Plenty of combo’s can be earned with red orbs that are scattered throughout the game and are beautiful in their own sense, being none too difficult to maneuver.

God of War displays boss fights to a scale I have not imagined in a long time. Every boss, though scattered very rarely in the game’s design, is unique in its own way. Killing each requires a lot of footwork and attacks. You never think to be bored from the hydra to the god of war himself or the undead soldiers that scatter everything. There is something so unexplainable about the level of complexity in simplicity of the design, that we just have to love creative director David Jaffe for this.

God of War can best be described for its atmosphere, a dark and unruly place. Inspired by a mixture of traditional Greek mythology with some horror, God of War is simply amazing. All the various creatures you encounter are monsters just like in stories of ancient Greek myth we come across, but aren’t as stupid as cyclopes or three headed dogs either. Each has its own distinct style that adds makes originality. There are artistic touches that create a remarkable vibe. When you encounter a trap, you see the destruction that comes before…the bloodshed…the horror.

God of War is simply a high-class production in every single facet. From the finely balanced gameplay, to the magnificent presentation, to the great roster of unlockable extras, you can’t help but become Kratos.

If I like great combat…amazing storyline…a warrior protagonist


If I hate some button-mashing gameplay elements


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