Godfather II Review: You Do Not Want To Buy This, Kapeech?

Godfather 2 Review

Extorting, racketeering, and blackmail have never tasted so bad. Literally. To make a game based on, arguably, one of the greatest series of films in history is always going to be a hard task right from the off. The game will always be compared to the film in every aspect and although there is a small layer of storyline and ideas, it is the foundation of underlying problems that set it back from being a game even worth a rental.

You play as Dominic and as part of the Corleone family you are appointed Don right at the beginning of the game. The story then loosely follows the second movie with scenes and lines being fired out in all directions from all different characters that do not exactly follow suit with the film. To a big Godfather fan this might not seem the best case scenario but strangely enough it works. The game tries hard to keep with the story but it ends up becoming an odd cutscene now and again to make the gameplay seem to have a point to it.

The single player experience mainly consists of taking over different businesses which act as fronts for different crime rings such as:  prostitution, chop shops, adult film making, gambling, gun smuggling, diamond smuggling and drugs: specifically an odd choice to include as one of the side stories of the films was the Corleone Family’s decision not to deal in drugs. Other oddities found within the game are usually found when helping people around the cities of New York, Florida and Cuba for information. They will sometimes ask you to smash up a shop but when you arrive to do the work its 9 times out of 10 a business that you already own, which makes no sense when these people are paying you protection money. The fact to kill other families members also known as made men being killed in a certain way is interesting but logically makes no sense whatsoever. The driving about is fun and vividly reminds of the old style GTA driving before they made it realistic and the actual gameplay such as shooting and commanding your family is well done its just a shame that so many ridiculous events occur that make you question some decisions made before releasing this game from the developers.

Multiplayer for the Godfather II is relatively simple and comes in a RTS fashion that transfers the game mob you have into the online world to test your Don skills. For the most part, this aspect is also riddled with the same problems that the game is with a few notabilities: small maps, shallow game modes, and pointless rewards.

Godfather II can be classed as a mediocre game based on something spectacular. Unfortunately too many problems lying beneath the surface hamper some very good ideas. A lot of Godfather fans reckon the films steadily got worse but hopefully the games can steadily get better as this was a big improvement over the first game but not quite to the high quality to be titled with such a prestigious name of Godfather.

Hey, my name is Stuart Blair and I live in Paisley in Scotland.

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