Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition Review: Paramount Simulation Unexpected

Gran Turismo 5 has finally come out after 8 years in the making, and does nothing short of delivering one of the best racing simulation titles to date of the franchise. Gran Turismo 5 delivers a promising and raw experience that consists of the most authentic driving simulator ever created through life-like graphics, incredible design and physics, a beautiful online mode, and moreover the display of elegance in a resplendent racing package. The Gran Turismo franchise has been redefined by Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital Inc. to create a revolution in the racing genre with Gran Turismo 5.

Gran Turismo 5 brings a campaign racing action that is intense, but moreover realistic. The level of realism involves the feature of more than 1000 licensed cars from around the world and each top manufacturer, most notably Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Mercedes, BMW, and many more. NASCAR, SuperGT, World Rally Championship series are just a few included. While racing in specialized tracks, players will feel the surge of internal and exterior damage as they crash in the fluidity of each car’s movement, physic reality, and handling. Smoke emits from tires, and sparks even shoot out in a realistic fraction of friction. Within the single-player campaign, players have the option to play more than one mode from the following: GT Career Mode, Championship Races, License Tests, Arcade Mode and even exploration through variations of different tracks. When a race begins, the concept is complex and yet simple: reach the finish line in the shortest amount of time based on the number of laps. The magical attributes with Gran Turismo 5 do not arise from the gameplay concept, but rather the true simplicity of how the complexity of realistic movement affects something as simple as a race from start to finish becoming more realistic than the only idea by itself.  Gran Turismo 5 makes this possible through the online mode which can carry 16 players at once through the PlayStation Network. While the online modes are straightforward, they could have definitely benefitted from further ingenuity and modes than a simple circuit racing type. Regardless of any extremely chaotic modes where players do insane things such as damage each other to pieces for points, Gran Turismo 5 maintains a proper character with the online component as simulation as well and continues to give automotive penchants a taste and hunger for racing with some of the most iconic cars, new and old, from the best manufacturers in the world.

With realism being the core feature of Gran Turismo 5 than previous titles which focused directly on racing tracks itself, the environment takes precedence through track sets. Tracks are featured in more than 75 variations that come in famous world circuit modes, city courses, and other environments. Modes expand on the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue offering, giving racers a chance to complete in a series of racing circuits while gaining special licenses and moreover winning races for newer cars and feeling the rush of a newfound driving realism inexperienced through any other title.  Newcomers, automotive enthusiasts, and hardened fans of the Gran Tursimo series completely feel the dimensions of the new content including the first ever online mode of the series and the breathtaking visuals from each scene which creates an incredible title that plays well and moreover provides a level of environmental realism that is needed for simulation.

Gran Turismo 5 speaks for itself in a title that simply offers one of the best simulation experiences to date of any title in its series or any other game title ever created. Avid automotive enthusiasts, neophytes, and hardened players alike should go out and exhibit a simulation racing experience unlike any other. Grab your helmet and get into your car, feel the road underneath you and the wind of speed smashing against the glass as you do what you love and race until the end.

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