Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Makes Me Want The Whole Thing

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a game which takes a hell of a lot of work. Well, that is if the player wants to unlock everything in the game. Developed by Polyphony Digital, GT 5 Prologue offers an expansive look into the successor title GT 5, soon to come in 2009.

Since this is the first iteration of the Gran Turismo Prologue / Concept series in North America you may not know that Gran Turismo 4 Prologue wouldn’t let you race right away. You had to earn a license by going to driving school. Good thing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue threw this out the window.

Instead you jump into races right away as a C class driver with ten events until you can move up to the next rank. Once you get through the A level challenges you get to customize your cars weight, horsepower and other parameters through the quick tune system. The system has been simplified for junior mechanics, which makes it easier to use than tuning systems in other iterations in the series.

The main purpose of GT5 Prologue isn’t just to trying to get past the events. Event 1- 2- 3. No. To get the full experience, you can unlock all of the cars so that you’re going to spend a lot of time with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It’s almost like level grinding for MMO’s, but with a car statistic. After each race, the players earn credits that can be saved or spent on a better car. A more powerful driving machine is an edge towards an increased credit payback and thus an even better car. However, there is a cap on progression. You’re not going to earn a million credits from a single race, which means getting that 2,000,000 credit Ferrari is going to take time.

Gran Turmiso 5 Prologue is not a demo, but probably way shorter than Gran Turismo 5 whenever it comes out. With only six tracks to race on, twelve if you consider reverse tracks different, you’re going to learn every curve in great detail during the unlocking quest. This is essential if you want to go online because Gran Turismo 5 Prologue isn’t an arcade racing game. If you’re way behind the only way to catch up is through perfect laps and making use of your opponent’s slipstream. The alternative is knocking in to cars, which works well against the AI. Sure, it’s a short route, but it’s effective.

But that’s where GT 5: Prologue takes a turn for the worst. The realism is there, the detail is there, everything is there. There’s no doubt if you’re looking for a solid game that the core elements are in the package. The only primary issue is the bumping. There’s no damage to the sad chasms of some people. So, what happens when you ram your car into a bumper? It bounces off and emits a screeching noise that sounds as bad as a 7200RPM hardrive loading Crysis. The bump slows you down, but it can also be effective if timed precisely to aid players in literally bursting through others. While not too deterrent to the overall game experience, the bump issue presents an interesting matter of what to define “realism” as. Is realism having everything as real as it possibly can be in a game, or amounting to scrabbles when it comes to the shooting point? At least players can be rest assured this issue won’t last for long when GT5 comes out.

Online play keeps Gran Turismo 5 Prologue offers extensive online play, and it’s just beautifully executed. There’s no doubt that there’s any imperfections to online play other than the similar bumping issue present in the single player mode. The modes feature all of the cars, with a lagless experience with traditional leaderboards at the end with a nice summary of every other car on park.

GT5 Prologue is a game that’s worth picking up given what your taste is. If you’re eager to jump in the seat and love racing, there’s no excuse not to buy it. Truth be told, it’s one hell of a ride, even if it is as minute as a Prologue to the main book.

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  1. Yeah.. i have to agree, gt5p is lacking quite a few things, but it’s nice to get a bigger taste, before the final full release.

  2. Definitely.

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